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Hetero Male Submissive, 47,  Beatrice , Nebraska
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An Innate need to please and serve.

i was able to name this way of life by a mistake marriage in 99 (its a long and rather odd story). i was collared in a 247 TPE relationship for 4 years before completely walking away, dismissing it as a phase in my life. It was in being away that i have my epiphany that i DO have an innate need to serve and please. Submissive is not WHAT i do...its WHO i am. What i am seeking I hope to one day be led by a FemDom (whom i can eventually call Mistress) would like to continue to help me live a lifestyle that i cannot deny myself any longer. i seek a long term relationship with a caring, Mistress, leader or Owner who will mold me into the slave SHe wants me to share all areas of life...both the vanilla and Ds. i wish to find someone who can help fulfill my desire and need to serve. I crave a woman who NEEDS a deep emotional and mental connection with Her slave--a woman whos not afraid of wearing the pants in the relationship...One who knows just how much time and energy it takes to take complete control of another life. A woman who will listen to what i have to say ... take that into Her account (really weighing my thoughts, feelings and well-being -- my spiritually, mental, physically and emotional) before making a decision about a situation and yet in the end SHe will make the that final decision and be Woman enough be responsible for all that comes from it. I understand that there might be times i will disagree with those decisions and be unhappy ... but if my trust with You has grown implicitly, then despite my disagreement, i will follow the directive . . . its just who i am). Perhaps the best way to express it is to say that I seek a DD Ds core in a well-rounded relationship based on trust, love, affection and total power exchange. i know what i have to offer...i will serve fiercely...but only to the right Woman. A bit more about this blue eyed blond haired BBM from the eastern suburbs of Houston, Tx Though I look forward to adopting the interests of the one who eventually will own me i currently like all kinds of music (everything from Bach to blues) i like , coffee shops, antiquing, renaissance faires, traveling. i especially love the summertime camping, boating, fishing and swimming...put me by the water and i find tranquility. i am a very positive, upbeat, independent man, have a great career, cherish the greatest gift of being me, and love to be a free spirit and enjoy whatever my free time has to offer. i am currently wanting to be active in the local scene and wish to have many friends and acquaintances. However, with my apologies I do not wish to consider offers for sessioning or quick hook-ups. While I appreciate the compliment that these offers hold, I prefer to wait for the opportunity to serve the Woman who will own me for life one day. Thank you to all that have taken the time to get to know me and allowed me to get to know her have taught me a lot about myself as a sub and as a man. Thank Yyou to those who have come into my life in whatever means Yyou may have. However, having my friends it is NOT the same as serving in a 247 TPE. Ultimately, i seek a real time, local, 247 monogamous TPE. And while i know it is difficult to find, i am determined SHe IS out there (some where). Perhaps on this site? i thank You for taking the time to read my profile and if you are interested please email me.













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 Submissive Male



 Willing to Relocate

 5' 8"

 385 lbs






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Dominant Female

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