Vertical Line



trannytoilet - photo 1
trannytoilet - photo 2
trannytoilet - photo 3

i am already damned!
i have long had a curiosity to try the extreme. and there is almost nothing i wouldnt consider.
i love the thought of long term chastity and believe i deserve permanent chastity, never cumming again,

of body mods of all kinds especially nasty slutty tattoos. tattoos that ensure i am a toilet slave forever

i have not tried it yet but i need to live up to my name here and once i fulfill my destiny i should be in total chastity

once owned by a cruel Master i expect to never orgasm again one way or another and would expect mods to ensure i am slave property forever

once this slave ceases to be human the idea situation for it would be to have any choice taken from it, for it to be just taken without it deciding, once taken it could be subjected to anything including, but not limited to piercings tattoos pain humiliation permanent chastity and extreme body mods

a Master told me his views on human toilets. He told me, once any human willingly tastes someone elses waste, they cease to be human, they will always be a toilet, becoming nothing more than a living toilet, no different than a ceramic toilet.

a ceramic toilet doesnt get to choose who uses it,gender, sexuality, ethnicity doesnt matter.

a ceramic toilet doesnt make decisions.

a ceramic toilet doesnt have orgasms.

so a living toilet doesnt either, just because a toilet used to be human makes no difference.

so once i taste someone elses waste i will cease to be human, nothing more than a toilet unable to refuse anyone who wants to use my mouth as such forever.