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Plus size dominant lady into a variety of kinks. Safe and sane, my communication skills are refined, I respect boundaries and enjoy being adventurous. My kinks include crossdressers, bisexual men, CBT, and open to new kinks. == Results from == 97% Dominant 86% Daddy/Mommy 77% Sadist 76% Master/Mistress 74% Experimentalist 71% Voyeur 69% Rigger 68% Degrader 68% Owner 52% Non-monogamist 50% Primal (Hunter) 49% Switch 46% Ageplayer 43% Vanilla 39% Exhibitionist 28% Brat tamer 17% Submissive 0% Brat 0% Degradee 0% Boy/Girl 0% Masochist 0% Pet 0% Primal (Prey) 0% Rope bunny 0% Slave

The Recurring Fantasy

I have always desired a bisexual boyfriend. There is something about sharing a cock that does it for me. 

My boy is submissive. This fantasy has been with a man and a cd. I love them both for different reasons. My sub loves me, but enjoys servicing a cock as well. He is not humiliated, nor is he a cuckold.  He loves cock for the same reasons I do--to please a partner. He is tied and blindfolded. The curtains are open to let the neighbors watch. I tease him with my kisses, my tongue on his nipples and long and slow strokes to his cock. 

I am sitting on his face when we hear the door open. The stranger walks in.  As I edge myself as I watch him begin to undress.  His rippling muscles teasing me. His cock ready for action.  He wants us, but he knows his place. He is there for my pleasure.  Obediently, he falls to his knees. His eyes hunger for my submissive's cock. Gently, he licks the tip and begins service. His tongue licks one side, over the head and down the other. Left side, over the head and down the right.  Swirl over the head. Up the right side and down the left.  Tongue under the balls in windshield wiper fashion, over the balls and zig zag on the back of his cock. Swirl over the head as he takes his cock whole.

Did you feel that?  It made me wet just writing it. 

The stranger is enjoying himself.  I want to enjoy myself as well.  I remove myself and join the stranger.  Two tongues are always better than one. As we take turns putting my sub in our mouth, I stop, pushing the stranger off my sub. As I see my sub squirm, he begs us not to stop. How many licks does it take?  I kiss the stranger and continue licking my sub. The stranger is sent to feed my sub.  How many licks before one of them explodes? How many thrusts into my sub's ass will it take before he cums?  Or, will I just finger the stranger as his cock is helplessly busy elsewhere?

Willing to Serve Long Distance 

Yes, but do you have travel money? I saw this video where a man had 12 mini adventures a year and One big adventure.   Long distance relationships no joke. They require maintenance. Something your car also needs, but you don't do it. No matter how old my car is, it gets washed every week. The oiled is changed on the manufacturers suggestion. My last car was on a 7500/3000 mile cycle.  

Keep dreaming, lover boy.

How to Read BDSM Test Results

I borrowed someone's results to prove he was lying.  He told me he was into domestic work and wanted to crossdress.  I call it a lie.  The Boy/Girl results would have been at least 50%.  The best I can figure is he need to be degraded.  That sounds like work to me and I am not looking to work unless I'm getting paid.  In addition, he's over 50% switch, which means he's looking to take control.  We were definitely not compatible.  

Results from bdsmtestorg

100 Degradee
96 Slave
93 Submissive
92 Pet
88 Voyeur
84 Rope bunny
78 Masochist
76 Experimentalist
64 Nonmonogamist
63 Exhibitionist
54 Switch
51 Primal Prey
44 Brat
20 Vanilla
0 Ageplayer
0 BoyGirl

Is it just me, or did everyone lose the "Read Mail" tab? 

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The Art of the Long Distance Relationship

There are A LOT of submissive men who are volunteering themselves to be long distane submissives. Some even volunteer to say that they are relocateable. Lets just say that some of you lack the fundamentals to be one.

Long distance relationships are not a "just add water" formula.  A really good LDR begins with a connection. They are two good friends who talk about their daily life and kink up their relationship.  

As a long time dominant,ds I've had LDRs with men in Australia, the UK, and on a very rare occasion men in GMT1.  Yes, awareness of time zones is essential.  You may be going to bed, but your girl may be just getting home from work.

Kink begins with vanilla.  Introduce yourselves, allow a person to get to know you, discover who the person is and what your mutual kinks are.  Are you really compatible, and do you really want this person to be your friend?

Kink begins with vanilla an introduction, commonality, communication skills, respect, trust, and then common kinks and values If it did not begin with vanilla, youd be handing me over your paycheck 

Rogue, it's so Bridgerton.  

I love this season of Dr. Who

I have discovered mail filters.  That cut the unnecessary out. I've also found a few friends. It's so nice to chat to normal people.  

This is definitely not FL.  I feel like I keep banging my head against a wall.  Why must so many men be fuck bois?  I've needed to instill a new rules, Must have a picture, must have taken the bdsm test, definitely must be west coast.  Maybe, I'll actually find what I'm looking for. 

My apologies while my ad is being approved once more.  Everytime I decide to edit it, it needs to be approved.  

Its been a very interesting 24 hours on CS.  This is definitely not like all the other kink sites.  Submissives are coming out of the woodwork, kinks of all kind being offered to me, but sadly, everyone is concerned with THEIR kink and not the person administering it.  I guess men will be men, sadly.