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What does it take to curl your toes?I prefer more erotic torture - sensual torture - blindfolds - bondage - and alot of orgasms throw in a some kinks and you have a party ..

I like nipple clamps.. .tit bondage... throat fucking.. and breath play

I like ass slapping anal - I like to make you beg for an orgasm... or a second.. or a third.

I love to see you squirming with pleasure - pleasure caused by pleasure.. pleasure caused by pain.. pleasure caused by fear... I enjoy making you lose control... even if I have to take it from youwant to know anything else - just ask me . . .

so somehow this has disappeared from here.... I thought it was mentioned.
I am married - she is not invovled - if that is an issue - I understand. 

It's one of those things that is too hard to hide, so there it is....

wow... I am so tired of girls advertising for a sugar daddy... isn't that just like prostitution?
I just had one ask me if I'm ready to be her sugar daddy.... 100 per visit. Being the smartass I am I asked if I could bring a girlfriend along, I figure if I have to pay for it let's get our money's worth.... she replied that for a 150 'donation' she would play with us both.

buh bye

I like most things with most women... tell me why you would be a good sub for me.