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I am long overdue to be severely tickle tortured beyond all points of endurance. I seek the MOST ferocious tickle torturers, bondage masters, sadists or anyone else who enjoys the prospect of mercilessly tickling to death a helpless insanely ticklish girl.

I am without question the most hyperticklish girl in the world. Tickle torture is totally unbearable for me and I have no tolerance for it. Ive been described as a tickle masochist. While I CRAVE complete and utter helplessness through totally immobilizing, inescapable bondage, the most intense sense of this comes when being in the clutches of someone who knows that ticklishness is my biggest weakness and exploits it without any mercy whatsoever. If my captor is a hardcore tickle torture fetishist than the nightmare is even worse. I must warn that I truly require 100 percent immobilizing, inescapable bondage and I should never be allowed nor do I deserve a safeword as it would give me way too much control and I would utter it in seconds. Hold me captive for hours or days for repeated, prolonged sessions of tickle torture. Leave me restrained while you tend to other matters and then return to torture me as you like for your personal amusement or have your fellow tickle fetishist colleagues take over for you while you rest. I am insanely ticklish everywhere and my reactions are off the charts, hysterical that will leave you laughing as well. I might as well confess that while insanely ticklish everywhere, my feet are my nightmare tickle spot?

I am also very much into kidnap roleplay, damsel in distress, MDLG, DDLG and other psychodrama. Maybe I could be abducted but the victim of mistaken identity. Im taken to a remote undisclosed, secure location to be tortured for ination I simply dont have because Im the wrong person. I of course am subjected to brutal tickle torture with no way of stopping the torture because I truly dont know anything. When my captors realize their mistake they decide to keep me because theyre having too much fun!!!

Feverish orgasm control and forced climaxes make me even MORE ticklish if thats humanly possible. The only worse than being tickled tortured for hours on end is when cruel orgasm torture is introduced as well. My sensitivity increases all over but of course this is most noticeable on the soles of my feet and toes.

In closing I would just challenge you to take your tickle torture skills further than youve ever thought to do in any of the sessions youve done to date. In short, please do you worst.

I prefer Dominant or Switch ladies, DommeDomme or a Domme Dom couples. I will consider a man but please be polite if contacting me.

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