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Hetero Female Dominant, 21,  New York
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I had to go off line for a minute but now I am back and only seeking boys who want to worship and SPOIL their goddess
the divine one










 Dominant Female

 New York

 5' 3"



 Not Listed



Actively Seeking:

Submissive female

Sub / Slave Male

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Journal Entries:
10/9/2008 1:18:22 PM
I am an impossibly snobby Female.  you will give ME ALL the finer things in life.  I'm a kept Woman, and will stay that way. 

I am interested in submissive women and men for long term relationship.   This CUCKOLD ONLY relationship would be completely and fully centered on ME.  At present moment - I am an online fetish financial domme - and would also like to continue using sluts online -  but am interested in expanding MY Spoiled Lifestyle with a fetish driven submissive.  in searching for a female submissive, Im looking for a female who is sexually open and also into fetish and service. I will NEVER be NUDE with you - NEVER ASK.

I am NOT a professional dominatrix by any means.  you will NOT see ME dressed up in leather, whips and chains. For Me, the bdsm aspect for ME is about control, and getting what I want.  I'll laugh and giggle at you. Im selfish, and COMPLETELY self centered and vain for MY Own Gains.   I'm a huge designer SNOB and ONLY want and GET the best.  

I enjoy submissive foot worshippers, pantyhose lovers, shopping fools, ashtrays, smoking fetish and submissives who crave and need humiliation. Being a NATURAL tease is MY biggest turn on - I sooo love to tease you and show you what you will NEVER have - NOTHING gets ME hotter than to watch a submissive as Im trying on shoes to get a quick glimpse up MY skirt and then laugh and laugh as you struggle to hide your pathetic tiny tiny dick !

Im also in need of a personal assistant submissive to do MY errands and MY bidding which includes grocery shopping, SHOPPING in general, housecleaning, dog walking, you have a NEED and want to become victimized ?  do you want to cater to MY every whim ? 

I do not care if you are married or have a girlfriend as long as I am being taken care of.  I dont care for clingy stalker submissives, but the more pathetic the better.  NO switches, or Doms.  your hate mail will be deleted.  I prefer older subs/slaves as they are established and know that being old and ugly like you are, you have to PAY and SPOIL for any type of attention at all.   MY MAIL CONTROLS ARE ON !

IF you'd like to get MY attention - send ME a very detailed email with a photo - and I may respond back.   If you'd like to get MY FULL attention, send ME a consideration gift !  * giggles *

Treat ME like the Goddess and Princess that I am - you have to PAY to recieve MY attention !  I consider MY type of lifestyle verrrry mild to others here on collarme - I will not stick things up your ass, this is about servicing MY needs - fuck yours. I am Royally Spoiled and if thats your FETISH - you've found your way home.

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