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Pan Male Slave, 55,  United kingdom, United Kingdom
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male creature seeks position as slave,driver/minder (ex semi pro boxer) 55years of age requires a mature Mistress/Master or lesbian couple of 50 years plus to serve as 24/7 slave. The position i seek will be one of complete and total slavery.I am experienced in all areas of bdsm but i suffer with diebetes so i would welcome someonewho can catter for my medical needs other than that everything and anything goes.I would expect any owner to use me in anyway they please and to include 24/7 chastity with a device of your choice removable only under strict suppervision to amuse you or catter to your sexual needs or simply allow me to toss myself off at your feet and garnish my meal with hot creamy spunk into a dog bowl.As a house slave i would expect to be chained and shackeld  and possiably kept caged when not in use.I am capable of running Madams house/home to a very high standard should i fail you in anyway or displease you i would expect punishment if you tire of me then i i seek no release and would wish to be given away or sold as slave meat as i want to spend the rest of my life in complete slavery death being my only release.I have excellent o levels and give head to completion and swallow likewise i would expect to clean and drink spunk from my Mistress after she has made love with any partner she may have.I also enjoy drinking from my owner storing piss in a bottle as product does not have the same erotic appeal as drinking from your body.My arse is virginal but i am very egar to experience a strap on or cock in my  arse/mouth.I will wear any collar with pride and would welcome wearing my owners mark either by tattoo or branding.I have no piercings but welcome them if it pleased you or any body mods you may wish to have done to me.I also adore cbt a loving relationship would be wonderfull but not required as i will please anyone who wished to own me.If i intrest you please reply with full details of your requirments no details no reply no photo or profile no reply .I wish to exchange emails in first instance and move quickly to exchange phone numbers so your ownership of me will be swift and commence on our first meeting. Please no one under 50 years of age applying for ownership of me.











 Male Slave

 United kingdom 

 United Kingdom

 Willing to Relocate






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Dominant Female

Female Led Couples

A Poly Household

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