Submissive Woman Seeking Mental Connection Before Physical Are You someone who craves a deep cerebral bond before exploring physical intimacy? I'm a submissive woman with a profound appreciation for intellectual stimulation. Let's delve into the realms of mind and soul before embarking on th physical journey. Seeking a partner who values conversation as foreplay and understanding as the ultimate form of intimacy. If you're intrigued by the dance of minds and the subtlety of emotional connection, let's explore this together. Come converse with me and let our thoughts intertwine before our bodies do. Lets build something extraordinary from the foundation of our minds.
4/1/2024 10:15:44 PM

I am a loving person. I love to serve. An ideal day would be waking You up with oral stimulation ,making You breakfast before You leave for work. Cleaning the house wearing nothing but my collar and cuffs. Get a shower and ready myself for Your return home. When You walk in the door I am kneeling just out of view of the open door and waiting to be acknowledged. Once You acknowledge me I greet You with a kiss and the rest of the night is a flurry of activities and emotions. And then we sleep to start over the next day. I love routine. I love having clothing and food chosen for me.

4/1/2024 10:14:17 PM

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98% Submissive 

98% Pet 

96% Boy/Girl 

95% Masochist 

94% Exhibitionist 

93% Primal (Prey) 

86% Degradee 

84% Rope bunny 

80% Slave 

70% Voyeur 

69% Ageplayer 

61% Brat 

27% Experimentalist 

26% Vanilla 

17% Non-monogamist 

0% Switch 

 Age: 56