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Hetero Female Submissive, 46,  Nowra NSW, Australia
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sweetnsassySSBBW - submissive

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Last Online:


 Submissive Female

 Nowra NSW 


 Willing to Relocate

 5' 8"

 260 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Male

Friends Only


 Fine Dining

 Flea Markets

 Garage Sales


 Musical Theater

 Renaissance Faires




 Breast Binding/Play


 Role Playing



 Arcade Games

 Board Games

 Card Games


 Comedy Shows


 Online RPGs

 Puzzle Games

 Role Playing Games

 Romance Novels

 Science Fiction



 Online Auctions





 Eighties Music

 Pop Music

 Rock Music

 Show Tunes


 Art Galleries

 Coffee Shops





 Massage (Getting)

 Massage (Giving)

 Web Surfing

 Alternative Medicine









 Intellectual Discourse

 Alternative Music

 Blue Grass


 Country Music


 New Age Music

 Nineties Music


 Punk Rock Music

 Curious About:

 Anal Play

 Body Worship


 Canes and Crops



 Hair Pulling

 Medical Play

 Outdoor Bondage



 Theatrical Scenes

 Wax play



 Bar Hopping

 Bird Watching






 Foot Worship

 Gas Masks



 Horror Movies

 True Crime

 TV Sports

 Hard Limits:



 Knife Play

 Needle Play

 Plastic Wrap

 Rubber Fetish

 Watersports / Toilet


 Gourmet Cook


Nerdy, creative, loves to play dress ups. Submissive SSBBW seeking a LTR with a creative Daddy Dom who wants his sub mind body and spirit.

(I really love the nuturing aspects of the Daddylittle relationship and I have always been a big kid at heart though I am not into age play)

I do come with some mental physical health challenges however I am sure there are creative solutions to limit their impact.

Limited online experience. Sadly no real life but I will not bore you with the reasons why. I do have the booksmarts. What I lack in experience I make up for with a willingness to learn.

Looking for a Long Term Relationship. Hopefully that includes, passion, friendship, and common interests both Vanilla and Kink

I am a sucker for a tall Nerdy guy. But honestly good communication and conversation skills go a long way as does a sense of humor


I am a submissive not a slave sorry but that is a line I would only cross with a hell of a lot of freedom attatched to it.

watersportsbeing milked like a cow (ie no forced Lactation)permanent markings (eg piercings and tattoos)anything illegal (such as children or animals shocks me to even have to clarify that)Needles Knive suficationHigh Heels Cling WrapFace Slapping

Foot Worship

Breath Play

Toilet Slave


Human Toilet

Speech Restrictions (in a play session is fine but not 247)

Age Play ( as in Adult Baby, or rp of anyone Under the age of consent)

Caging or small confined spaces it triggers PTSD

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Journal Entries:
11/2/2017 6:38:01 AM
Sometimes I get overwhelmed easily. Sometimes that is why when people come on too strong or things feel too full on too fast I retreat but what if because of that I lost out on a great Daddy.

Just something I have been thinking about I mean I always assumed the right Daddy would have patience and understand but it is possible I hurt peoples feelings along the way in my journey and I am not ok with that.

I would hate to think anyone felt played or like I did not give them a truly fair shot.

Just some thoughts that swirl through my brain.

5/4/2017 6:05:00 AM
Don't pretend to be a Daddy if you're just going to a abandon a little. Don't pretend to be a Daddy if you don't have time for a little Don't assume an independent little does not need you Don't keep a little in suspension treating them poorly while you explore other options. One thing I do know is communication is everything. If you cannot communicate well, OE expect any of the above then move along & don't waste either of our time Life is short.

2/15/2017 5:48:45 PM
I feel like I may have fallen behind in responding, as have not been here in a while 

so sorry if I have missed replying to a message from you.

1/31/2016 5:45:49 AM
I am not sure what it is that draws submissive men too me, and I know most are polite but a lot of you get angry that I am not a Domme

I am who I am my profile tells you who I am and what I seek soo please do not waste either of our time.....

because in truth whilst no one can know what the future may hold at present I am not remotely interested in learning to Domme anyone and cannot see that changing for quite some time if ever.

11/19/2015 9:10:50 PM
So there are things not on my profile (there are some things that I think come up naturally in conversation but others well I am about to put them here)

I know for some I would be considered a lot to take on. I come with health issues, a strong will and intelligent mind (the last two I have no wish to loose)

There are also health issues

Like Arthritis in Both Hips (currently doing better thanks to organic Turmeric Capsules)
Bi Polar 2 (this is a relatively new diagnosis and I am learning how it effects me though one Dom did tell me that this is in part why I have a super high sex drive)
Swelling feet and legs 
Social Anxiety (though I am pretty adept at hiding it when out and about)

and a few other things like Asthma and Allergies.

I know it is a lot to deal with, I do it every day. Soo if you can not handle a strong intelligent Sub, who will never want to live in your pocket or be Micromanaged, Who needs her own time as much as time with you. 

Then whilst I appreciate your interest  it is pointless to waste both of our times.

Truly not meaning to be rude or blunt, just makes it easier to have all this out there instead of explaining it loads.

10/1/2015 6:34:23 AM
Sometimes I wonder if we will ever find each other. At present I feel like the fantasy girl the one you think about, lead down the garden path and then vanish from.

Sometimes I think finding a Good Daddy is like chasing a whisp of smoke elusive and hard to find.

I know when we find each other all of this will be more than worth it

8/29/2015 1:48:06 AM
There is never a need to be rude to someone. If you have an attitude or act like an arse sorry but your not the Dom for me.

Calling me a bitch because I am not a Domme or into Submissive men is not suddenly going to make me want to Dominate you the block button is there for a reason.

Getting angry because it took me a while to respond to a message and acting bratty also huge turn offs.

I am secure enough in myself to know the good from the bad easy enough if you do a little research online.

Politeness costs nothing and will win you at least a hopefully interesting conversation.

8/19/2015 10:18:54 PM
Sometimes I wonder at those who look at my profile and do not say hi, what I am missing or lacking in terms of what they are seeking

Sometimes I think I am far to curious for my own good

7/26/2015 7:53:10 PM
This comes from Fetlife from an anon source. This is what I am looking for in a Daddy

A Daddy is a strong man, a dominant man. He is sure of himself, confident in his place in society. He cherishes females, revels by their presence. He is giving, caring, loving and understanding.

When a Daddy takes on a new girl, he worships her, discovers her, slowly possesses her. He gently pushes her, always ready to show her that she is strong, that her limits are not what she believes them to be, that she can be taken farther. In this, a Daddy reveals to the girl her own confidence, her own levels of self esteem.

As a Daddy learns about his new girl, an understanding takes place. He senses her desires, her needs, her passions. With this new knowledge, a Daddy takes care of his girl fledgling, giving what she needs but not necessarily what she presumes she needs.

It is a Daddy's responsibility to care for, protect and love his girl. If she is sick, he will feed her. If she is exhausted, he will allow her to rest, stroking her hair and she does so. If she is scared, he will confront her. If she needs affection, he will hold her. These things he does willingly, because her knows her. He understands her as no one else does. He has seen into her soul and held it in his hands. Her mind is his to read, to know. Her body is his to feel. Her heart is his to caress. She becomes his possession.

A Daddy does not take away the girl's identity, but allows her to grow into her own being, her own likeness, her submission to him is not a vehicle of punishment or hatred, but one of love and development. She is given the room to come into her own, under her Daddy's care, like a flower that flourished under the sun's warmth. She radiates from his love and devotion. She becomes a rose; a beautiful being that knows she is loved and cared for.

Thus a Daddy should be strong, able, confident, loving, caring, encouraging, and gentle. "What about punishment and discipline?" you may be asking. Punishment is handed out lovingly yet firmly. When giving punishment Daddy should not be angry, there is no place for anger with punishment. Daddy should always come from a place of teaching. Punishment and discipline need not be physical, it can be psychological. It is not done out of harshness or hostility, it is done out of love and forgiveness.

In essence a Daddy does not mould a sub into what he feels she should be, but allows her the freedom to live and grow under his loving care. She becomes the woman she has always been, deep within her spirit. He takes her gift of submission seriously, knowing that it is not given freely or lightly. He always remembers how precious the gift is, how rare it is, how beautiful it is. For she has given him something that cannot be taken for granted; she has given him the gift of her soul.

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