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Gay Male Submissive, 34,  Conway, Arkansas
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sweetboysingle - submissive

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Sadly new rule being some play games...I no longer will reply to messages from profiles with no pics in profile or first message to me.
Subs please dont message me unless you have a dom.

I been finding A lot of masters profiles have pics of other people (slaves) in them. How would they feel if I posted pics of only masters in MY profile? Its your profile not your ex slave profile it should have your pics. Also I can look at sex toys in online stories,so its kinda odd to when a profile only has pics of sex toys in it. Ok Rant over.

New here and new to this,but have a type if u will i am drawn too and its not really based in shallow things like looks or size of things I am more attracted to a dom who really gets his role as the man and understand responsibilities come with ownership. Im a trans so, Unlike most gay men I have no hang ups when it comes to numbers...(stats). Compatibility long term is not a number game ,but based in a likeness of mind.

Im not a pushy or passive aggressive sub,so ideally fit best to one that likes the lead.

guess i am open to a number of things depending on what the dom brings to the table after all we both should be better off for knowing each other not worst off. im caring,sweet,understand and loyal.

I am not really sold on d9ck size it takes a mind connection and how a guy treats me that draws in the most and any so called sub just after your d9ck is really just someone thats passive aggressive.

I been having guys ask me after 2nd email if I am ready to be their slave and I dont see how I can know takes time to get to know ones,likes,dislikes,personality,connection, vibes and mind.











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