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    ERUDITE, SAGACIOUS, WELL EDUCATED, BEAUTIFUL. (Anybody who has done an onli
Female Slave, 35,  London/Surrey, United Kingdom











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 Female Slave


 United Kingdom

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Dominant Female

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(Anybody who has done an online bdsm character test and posted it on their profile, do not contact me. You are an idiot)

My apologies to the few "scene" people on here, but I have no interest in silly titles such as dom, sir, sub, slave etc. I am 35 and titles are for teenagers playing RPGs.



I am Russian and live in UK (not after a passport or money). I am also red haired. As with the majority of Russians, I can appear abrupt and speak my mind. If that offends you, then I suggest you do not communicate with me.


Let us see what happens= no expectations, no promises, no agendas etc. </>

Or I could put "I am a no limits subbie. I will call you Sir at all times. I will worship you as a god". But then again, only a foolish man would believe profiles that are written like that.


I am not here to massage your ego, and you are not here to massage my ego. The only person interested in your ego is yourself.


A thought- slavery is illegal, so don't take it literally. Think about it.......Or to clarify it for you, "Slavery is enforced it cannot be consensual"..........Hint- This site makes no provision for the category "None of the above"..

I don't care how special you think you are, I will get many requests to meet for coffee etc. So, I am in no hurry to meet anybody. If that does not suit you, then move on to the next profile. It doesn't matter how wonderful you think you are, or how wonderful your mother told you that you were.


Similarly, if you have any preconceptions about me that you think do not tally with your own ideas and opinions, then I also suggest you move onto the next profile. A thought- why waste your time ranting, trolling, or criticizing me, when you could be spending your time more productively, by communicating with somebody whose profile is more to your liking. 

I never search for anything so, please do not ask what I am looking for. I will wait and see what happens. I do not know what can happen in the future. I also have no interest in casual sex or sexual meets.

My email, messenger, skype, mobile phone etc. is strictly reserved for my close friends and family.</>

Abusive and immature messages will be deleted without being read, so don't waste your time. (2 clicks and it is deleted, so remember how many taps of the keyboard it took you to write it.). This also applies to any people who think that naming a stranger slave, or sub, is a correct way to initiate contact. All people have names that they are given by their parents. Unless you are in a relationship with somebody then you should use that given name. 



Any "man" who thinks, or believes, he is an 'alpha male', I have no interest in. Before claiming to be such, i suggest that they understand the literal definition of that phrase, because I can assure anybody that no "man" is an 'alpha male'.

P.S. I am not here to judge others, therefore I politely ask that you do not judge me. The choices of others as to how they view and practice bdsm is their choice and we should say "Live and let live". All people are unique individuals and have their own unique perceptions and ideas. If the geeky bdsm thing, munches etc. is what you like then I wish you luck as it is harmless enjoyment. It is simply not my thing. If you want a 'doormat'/"yes sir, no sir" woman then I also wish you luck, but again it is not my thing. 


“Try to change it and you will ruin it. Try to hold it and you will lose it.”

"dominance is in the eye of the beholder, not in the eye of the dominant"

Journal Entries:
7/20/2016 7:35:07 AM

Just because YOU think you are dominant, does not mean that you are dominant. "Dominance is in the eye of the beholder".

"Mutual compromise is the way to a successful relationship"

"Control is an illusion"

"It does not matter how special you think you are, just remember you cannot have it all your own way".

P.S. My apologies to all of those people who are into the bdsm club/munch/play scene

7/18/2016 11:11:17 AM
Even though other women are unlikely to read this entry, I have a little advice for them. If you want a rich man this site must be the best place in the world. There seem to be so many millionaires, CEO's, big business owners, international businessmen, etc etc. on here. Basically, all good looking, rich and wonderful men. In fact they are all so wonderfully perfect, I am surprised that they don't have queues of women lining up in real life. But then again............

12/4/2015 1:47:48 AM
Please note, this is not a rant. These are observations based upon some good and bad conversations I have experienced on this website over the past few weeks and over the time I have been on this website. I can only speak from personal experience so I may be incorrect in respect of other women on this site. 
One of the main things I notice that many people treat everybody generically. For example- "You have sub against your name, so you must be a sub for everybody". Newsflash- If it was that simple then there would be no need for this website. A person is only submissive to the person they choose to submit to. In other words, it does not mean they will submit to everybody and it does not mean that you should talk to them as if they had already decided to submit to you. Here is a suggestion- How about trying to talk to people (no matter what their orientation) as an equal and see where it leads. 
Another suggestion- No matter how highly you rate yourself as a "natural dominant" etc. then maybe you should realize that before the other person has even agreed to look for a connection, then you should talk to them as an equal. From what I have seen on "dominant" profiles, it appears that the men who rant most are the same men who claim to be "alpha", "naturally dominant" etc. From my time on this planet I have never seen men going around, beating their chests and dominating other people just because they can. The only men I have seen doing this are thugs and bullies. A suggestion for these "naturally dominant" men- If you really are as "dominant" as you claim then you should not need to brag about it or become obsessed with the idea that you have to prove it all the time. One of the most attractive things for many women is the "strong, silent type". Women are attracted to this type because he will appear confident in his own company rather than appearing arrogant. Notice the words- "Strong" and "silent". It does not mean that a woman sees him as dominant or physically strong. It means that she sees him as a confident man who does not need to go around proving himself.
My final suggestion is this- Try talking to women rather than going on about how dominant you are. You never know a meaningless conversation, between two equals, with no agenda may just surprise you with the end result.
P.S. I know a high proportion of men are looking for sexual, or "play", meets, but talking about sex all of the time suggests that you are either inexperienced or you are watching too much pornography. 

11/11/2015 3:05:30 AM
This is just my opinion, but I am certain I will get messages telling me I am incorrect etc.
On this site, all people are equal, no matter what category they have chosen for their orientation. Because a woman, or man, chooses submissive or slave, does not mean that they are submissive to every "dominant" on this site or in life in general. Most people become submissive because of the unique reaction to the person they choose to be with. So, when the men contact a woman naming her "slave", "sub" or whatever else, they should understand she is unlikely to respond in the way you desire. (I am certain this applies to male submissives also). Just because you have spent hours on the internet watching porno films or reading BDSM manuals does not make you an expert. People who begin contact by naming people "sub", "slave" etc, are only showing their immaturity and lack of understanding about this topic (of which I am no expert). And a lot of men fail to realize that BDSM takes on many forms and is not all about domination and submission. From my limited knowledge and understanding, many people only use domination and submission as role play during intimate moments. People who are naturally submissive in all aspects of life usually have very low self esteem which is unattractive in any person unless you are a bully or abuser. That is why they are named "doormats". 
And a final thought for those people who name people "sub", "slave" etc.expecting them to say "yes lord uber sir"- If the submissive is inclined to respond in that way then they will only be on here for 1 day as they will be kneeling before the first person who has contacted them..............................Think about it.............

10/1/2015 4:36:34 AM
What is it with men who write about their new partner (sub/slave whatever they wish to call them)? Who are they trying to impress? If it is other men, then don't they realize that other men do not read their profiles, and probably could not care? If it is women then it is equally pointless. And what about simple respect for the person they are writing about? Who would want a man who tells all and sundry about their intimate behaviour? Maybe it is a form of bragging to let people know they are attractive to at least one woman. Or, more likely, the woman they are writing about is nothing more than a figment of their imagination. 

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