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Hetero Male Submissive, 51,  Texas
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subwhogetsit - photo 1

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(no idea why my Interests do not show up) Rest assured that my interests are understanding and anticipating the interests and desires of my Domme - and focusing on that to make the dynamic work smoothly. If my interests align with hers, all the better - but, my interests arent the primary focus (my Dommes are).

Fin-Dommes and under 35 are not going to get my attention. Also, if you smoke or have a picture of yourself smoking, then please move on. Smoking is an intelligence test to me - if you cannot understand how harmful it is to your long-term health at this point, after 50 years of scientific studies, then honestly, you arent smart enough to be around me. Better to move on to a sub with nothing between their ears - as I am fully loaded with brain cells and wont waste my time responding. Same with nasty language in your profile. I understand we all get frustrated with the riff-raff on here --- but if you are wiling to use the F-word here without any concerns, then I dont think you will be comfortable in the vanilla world that I live in.

I dont need micro-managing, as I am very successful in life already - (smile), however, I excel in a dynamic that is structured with expectations aligning with the Ds dynamic. I have a huge service streak it seems. I have been told that anticipating needs and making sure they are met, is my forte. That is what makes me really happy.

I realize that the on-line picture fantasy version of the dynamic isnt reality - however, on occasion it is something worth the effort to pursue. I do get, that on a daily basis, it is impractical to either the sub or the Domme. Everyday life gets in the way just like it does in any other relationship. But when tasked by my Domme to plan an erotic encounter, she wont be disappointed in the preparation, nor the outcome. I will exceed her expectations. Not looking for a relationship - so want to be upfront about that now. Happy to hear from you if you see any possibilities.

I respond to the mental aspects of Ds - I especially like reading what Dommes write regarding their experiences. Anything I can learn from reading and interacting makes me a better sub, and I appreciate the time when that occurs.

I am a bit of an exhibitionist, for the right Domme. Always respond to a Domme who knows how to work that part of me. Exceeding her expectations is what drives me. But make no mistake, my profile pictures tell what really drives me. Total control - between me and my Domme. Even when hidden, I love the feel of her grip on my mind and soul. Sometimes there is a shortcut to controlling a subs mind..... lol. It is truly effective - trust me.

I love a strong, uncompromising Domme. One with confidence and who rewards my efforts to learn and understand her expectations, rules, and what makes her ticksatisfiedexcitedarousedpleased. The key is to know the proper time for each of the proceeding - and make it work within the dynamic.

That said, there is so much more to me than the Ds dynamic. I have traveled extensively and enjoy other cultures. I have worked hard to build a successful life, and I am not looking for a project or free-loader at this point in my life. I didnt get to where I am by being ignorant and easily fooled - so dont try. I am very perceptive and know when someone is trying to game me. It wont work.

I dont put a lot more on here as nobody reads it anyway. If you want to know more, just ask.

PS - If you have a list of rules within your profile, gonna love it. Also, I am a bit of an exhibitionist - so I do share photos with select Dommes, if requested, from time to time - after developing a friendly dynamic on-line.... (grin)......

So if we develop a bit of on-line chemistry, I am happy to send updates of the two photos securely locked in place to show them in RL action.

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