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We are a Fem lead couple and this profile is mostly managed by the sub part of the couple.

I am a submissive male, who adores an alpha female. Personally, I adore anything that preaches or demonstrates the stronger gender.

I am married to a dominant much older lady, and at home I am the submissive toyboy she deserves. I Cook, clean, manage the household and am nothing short of the modern househusband. In brief, She wears the pants, I wear the panties. She orders, I obey and I have no problem with that - actually I love it. We try to live as much as possible the gender role reversal of the traditional 1970s families. In brief, I have a bigger wardrobe, more colorful clothes, bigger shoe rack and a collection of aprons.

I am not seeking a significant other, in fact, my presence here is to meet new people in the scene and the occasional play.

My wife, as my owner, has full access to this account and she has the liberty to read anything you send.

On a typical Friday night I am snuggled on the sofa either with a good book or a good Netflix series together with a great red wine bottle. However, on those special Friday nights, I would be the toy, a mature dominant lady deserves to have for her to use and abuse.