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Hi all 

difficult to speak about my self.... An ophthalmologist who love bdsm as a dom into that since 19 y love everything in it except bloody things... Love rope bondage and im creative in it also old style hareem slave play.... For me bdsm is not for sex it's something beyond that to explore the deepest point in human mind to test the limits and know ourselves.... I prefer long relationships so only 4 bdsm relationships have till now. Never try online things and rôle play but im curious about. Feel free to ask me anything want to know and last thing this is my new profile here cz I can't reach the old one == Results from ==

100% Rigger

100% Sadist

100% Owner

98% Dominant

88% Brat tamer

79% Master/Mistress

77% Daddy/Mommy

73% Primal (Hunter)

65% Ageplayer

46% Degrader

45% Non-monogamist

39% Experimentalist

31% Vanilla

23% Switch

9% Submissive

4% Exhibitionist

3% Voyeur

0% Masochist

0% Boy/Girl

0% Brat

0% Pet

0% Primal (Prey)

0% Degradee

0% Rope bunny

0% Slave

When I see my results I realize that it's a very long journey try or discover all hidden ideas in my kinky brain hhhh. So do I have vanilla sex life yes do I like it I think yes but the question is do I ever feel same with vanilla comparing with bdsm the answer is absolutely no. Soft or hard bdsm I think both depends on my partner limits and wishes. Play safe is my rule and I'm very good in that after all I'm a doctor.

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