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Bisexual Female Submissive, 21,  Eastern Austria, Austria
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 Submissive Female

 Eastern Austria 


 5' 8"

 55 lbs






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Remark Favourrite Bookmark

First of all .. Please NO GUYS below the age of 30!!!

(and NO, YOU ARE NOT the one to make a exception of this rule)

Im sexually adventurous, openminded, easy going, full of energy and love to meet new people online.

I am from Austria (yes that one in Europe - without Kangaroos *giggles*)Im only here to chat with like-minded people.

Im not here to find to meet someone anymore - when im here then only to chat and communicate with people i found here, but thats all. I am part of a larger private swinging and BDSM Circle here in Europe, so im pretty satisfied and dont need a Master, Owner, Pimp or anything else.

Thanks for all these offers, but - NO THANKS.

Im not going to give you my number or anything after 5 minutes of chat up lines. And to make it clear, i NEVER do cam or mic (as i dont have .. and i dont borrow me one) - if you cant deal with that .. dont bother me!!Im going to be honest, I prefer older men, but not too old. Im not into chavs and bad boys, I prefer someone a bit refined and interested in things slightly more high brow than Cars, clubbing or RnB.I may sound snobby....but I guess I am!

Another Remark

I did take over this profile from a older girlfriend which created it a few years ago.

Often i am asked why i did take over the profile and didnt make a new own one. The answer is pretty simple First we did chat together with people here, and after she found a new spouse (which is now her husband) she decided to leave this site. And then ... i was on this profile alone - so why should i delete it and create a new one if there is a profile )

Dont believe me? - Not MY problem.

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Journal Entries:
12/23/2017 2:29:32 PM
A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you out there.

Im probably not much online till Ja 6th, so please dont be upset if answers to messages have much delay.

best wishes

12/10/2017 11:35:27 AM

<userxyz>: hello! your account is being reported, be careful! you could be banned HUGS

ME: where is it reported and why?

<userxyz>: someone said that you are a man under a fake account...

12/3/2017 8:29:36 AM
Did partially reorganize my friendslist and updatet my profile a bit today

11/26/2017 7:02:45 AM
After talking to a user since a long time ive been asked to accept a cam chat and arrange a meeting. after i said no i got flooded with mails where i got badly insulted. Then i blocked this user and suddently i got same mails from another user. Called to be a fake and a guy again.
Well i just asked myself who is the fake (and guy) hiding behind two (or more profiles).

2/16/2017 12:40:53 PM
Looks like that i am wildly popular with the loonies who type one-handed because their other hand is "busy" under the table.

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