Been here before, back again, looking to see whos around and what we can get up to together!

I will put at the top Yes, I am trans, but since most people who list that here are CDTV, which I am not, I listed what I am instead.

Beyond that, Im open to discussing pretty much any kink you like, so give it a try and see. Im not going to spend too long filling this out, what with the approval times and such...
12/29/2023 12:15:34 AM

I can't help but to keep thinking about one of the last experiences I had on here that was a lot of fun, giving someone access to he cameras in my house for constant monitoring and control.

It's an odd feeling when you don't know at what moment someone might just start watching, or you hear an order come out of nowhere.


Definitely something I need to explore further...

 Age: 22
 Nutley, New Jersey