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greetings! thank you for looking at my profile i am slave geisha I know its
Lesbian Female Submissive, 36,  Queens, New York
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 Submissive Female


 New York

 5' 2"

 120 lbs






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Dominant Female

Switch Women

Femdom Couples

Friends Only

Online Romance


 Administrative Professional

 Certified Massage Therapist

 Gourmet Cook


thank you for looking at my profile

i am slave geisha I know its kind of a silly name but I could not think of other names. I want to add that I am mainly seeking online training and if you play the game call SecondLife (its free) and use Discord, it will be a plus since that will be the ideal place to develop the training here after.

i am Asian. i am an alpha woman in RL at work highly educated with multiple higher degrees from prestige universities working professionally but deep inside I have been a submissive for the longest time.

i realized that deep inside i am merely a lowly slave girl yearning to be owned yearning to be cared for and lusting to be trained into a good slavepettoy for the One who can take control of me fully...

i am seeking someone to chat with, and may be more.

my dream is to be taken by a firm hand who knows how to control me and mold me.

i am not seeking for money or gift card or anything like that but a true online relationship to learn my place.

ideally I wish to seek a Domme since I think women know other women better and probably not aim for sex where most men only want sex which I am not seeking for.

i am seeking more into the mind and trapping me inside by one who understands.

i have a family in RL and I wish this to be as discreet as possible since it is in touch with my inner dark secret.

if you are familiar with second life I am also in there as well

i imagine to softly kneel before you, lower my head and kisses your heels and boots then lick them clean top and bottom... worship you and cherish you. Use my long dark hair to wipe and clean your boots and slowly remove them and worship at your feet.

you smile And look at me while I dont dare to look into your eyes and keep them at your feet.

you whispers, fetch, and I slowly and politely reply, yes my Mostress (Goddess, Miss) and head to the kitchen and prepare a dish of biscuit and tea for you.

you enjoy the snack while watch TV while I massage your feet and body to please you.

love it!

please message me serious reply only please and please no yucky stuff or pictures please.

thank you xoxo

slave geisha

ps my photos were taken during very discreet professional bdsm sessions a few years ago. thank you for all of the mistresses who trained me before. Thank you.

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