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Please no Pro Dommes. Im searching for long time relationship, not sessions. I'm a US citizen, currently living in Denmark.

Lifestyle slave of Scandinavian origin, who believes in real slavery and total ownership. I dont play slave, I am. I was born as a slave. This slave believes in slavery as in the old days where a slave was property. I need to live my life degraded and as a subhuman to be happy.

Searching for FemDom relationship, FemDom couple or maybe a DomDomme (MF) couple. I do primarily search partners between 45 and 65 for LTR.

Love being kept naked when possible and doing all the household duties that way while owners are normally dressed. That also includes garden work. This slave does not need micromanagement to do his tasks. Hes a highly intelligent and very responsible person, who takes pride in fulfilling his tasks into perfection.

I love to serve my owners sexual needs the way my owner likes it and not what turns me on. I do in fact not want intercourse or any other sexual use of my cock. I would also love to get an ownership tattoo because Im proud of being a slave and I dont need to hide this.

Serving the Female as her living urinal is a very important part of this slaves submission. It is very intimate, very personal and it is a constant reminder of whos in charge at home.

Im not into forced femme and cross dressing, I am a man and Im very comfortable like that. The mental aspect of a FemDom relationship is important to me and I do like eye contact. Your eyes tell me everything I need to know -)

A relationship cant work solely based on our sexual orientation. Chemistry and attraction is essential as the basic factors to make the vanilla part work and first then, will the BDSM part become the cream we all want to taste.

Im very alpha in vanilla life, open and honest, easy to communicate with and in no way the typical slave. Im also sapiosexual and introvert.

I might have read your profile because I found matching interests but I rarely takes the first step. Feel free to drop me a message if you like my profile and want to know more.

What I'm really searching for is a FLR relationship in it's most extreme level, with total power exchange.

Some see this as impossible, involving a lot of work and almost impossible to fit into your normal vanilla and social life. I do not agree in that assessment. Of course it depends of the 2 parts involved and their motivation, drive and willingness to compromise where needed.

I have in the past lived in several FLRs and never felt that they went far enough, they didn't fulfill my dream of total and unlimited submission and they left me starving for more. My submission is primarily mental and much less sexual.

I do not dream about being your boyfriend or lover, I dream about being your fully owned slave servant.

I'm able to act as an Alpha male in public, being considerate and polite and nobody will ever guess that our roles are very different at home. At home, there's only one opinion, Yours and you are always right. I have tried snippets of this life and my hunger is huge for living it on a 24/7 basis.

I have done my homework about this lifestyle, so I know that it's me who have to adapt to your life, me who should compromise mostly, me who will carry a lot of the weight going forward and I'm more than willing to do that. As a side note, I'm highly intelligent and I do not need micro management, just give me a clear order and I'll do the job. I will not disobey with purpose to get punished, I will strive to do the tasks best possible because your happiness is my driver and my reward.

To put all above into context; I do wish to live a very restricted and simple life with minimal outside contact. My entire life and pleasure comes from serving you and your needs. You are my life.