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Pan Male Master, 50,  E Sussex (coast), United Kingdom
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If you are that TV/Sissy slut who does not feel complete until a mans cock is inside her mouth or ass-pussy... them lets talk.. My Rant first (stick with never know)---Its simple, if you are not prepared to send a face pic then dont bother me, go wank into your tissues and waste your own time. OK--A FEW THINGS--TELL ME WHERE YOU LIVE--SIMPLY PUTTING 'UK' SMELLS OF BULLSHIT AND TELLS ME YOU ARE MARRIED OR HAVE SOMETHING TO HIDE, And if you dont want to send a photo then dont bother wasting our time. READ THE PROFILE BEFORE CONTACTING ME--UNDERSTAND THE PROTOCOLS--ITS THAT SIMPLE, AND YET KEYBOARD WANNABES STILL TRY IT ON. SMART ARSE GOBSHITES THINK THEY ARE CLEVER--WRONG And asking to be kidnapped is another way of saying you are a gutless fantasist. I do NOT make YOU into a sissy girl..SO DONT ASK... YOU must have the clothes and right attitude..I take what you are and mold you into something that suits my wants and needs...If you dont like it carry on wanking on your keyboard.. "Hi" and "Hey" and text speak will not be some fucking respect. If you do not intend to show me a face pic or tell me your ..fine... contact ends.. and pictures of the neck down do not count...a face pic is a face pic., I am not into guessing games...and I have heard ALL the excuses. DONT bother wasting my time. I do NOT cam...or do online...I am hands bores the crap out of me. HOWEVER--If you are that TV/Sissy slut who does not feel complete until a mans cock is inside her mouth or ass-pussy... them lets talk..

Just read the profile before you make your next move, it really is that simple, dont get the arse with me if I ignore you all because YOU didnt read the damned profile...thats what its there for...
"I CANNOT CONNECT TO THE CHAT" and yet people still try to send a chat request...especially WITHOUT ASKING FIRST! That just shows me you haven't read the profile...instant ignore.
Protocols and politeness...know your place girls.

SO HERE WE GO..PAY ATTENTION...My profile gives you an general idea of what I like..and yet still half shaven yobs who have never worn silk or lace panties in their lifetime request "Turn me into a girl"...... F**! I like proper Sissy's and t'girls.. not lazy wanna be's or fantasy chasers.. I DO NOT have clothes to dress you up in.. I DO NOT make sissys...and besides, one size does not fit all.
DONT ask "will I share you others...especially within the first few messages"
AND DONT ask what will I do to you.. Polite protocols... I will generally send you a pic of me.. but if YOU cant send one back then its end game...if you have to go say then say good bye, dont just vanish mid conversation.
Time and experience has taught me well on here...thanks to previous time wasters your job to interest me is a little more difficult.
Casual cockiness will not be tolerated, you wanna be a sub act like one.
My replies may seem minimalist.. I have dealt with many wanna be's and had many promises, so many "Yes Sir, I will get back to you tomorrow"... to find either their account is deleted or they have plum forgot.-----RANT OVER (phew)

Ok...about me....>
Tall well built dominant male (Bear type) I SEEK fun, Play, a fuck toy, eventually something more permanent and full time.
I Adore all things sissy and tgirls, Girls with a little something extra. I like the ultra fem, ultra girly types, the ones who are not happy till they are dressed in all their finery, on their knees with a mans cock to be serviced.
Feminine twinks, ultra pink sissys, mature maids.. and chubby cock suckers...I like you all.
I am very sexual, so I will come on to you, I will humiliate you, I will molest you, I will use you like a girl.
I like to play with cocks, so dont tell me its off limits, I'm the Dom here, I decide what I can and cant do..if you dont like it...fuck off and dont bother me. Heres what I am into.... Pure cock hungry Sluts Classy and classic look Pet play Schoolgirls Babyfication Rubber/pvc Dollification Humiliation and sexual molestation Pink girly sissys What I dont like.. Hairy bodies and asses stupid questions like "what will you do to me" Demands and lists Beards or facial hair on YOU
Just be clean and smooth shaven and your luck will change.
Photo will be shown once a happy medium has been struck and we can take it from there.

I am picky with accommodating, but when I do I make the most of it--so impress me.

The pictures are of how I like my girls.
REALITY CHECK!..... Overseas or hundreds of miles away is gonna put you into the "slim to no chance box"...(and yet still they try...sigh)
I like my girls to make an effort to look sissy or girly.. straight male pictures dont cut it for me.
Pictures of arses with cheeks held apart dont do it for me, your meant to be girly, a nice pair of panties wouldnt go a miss and a nice coy pose.
For some reason I cannot connect to the chat on this server... I will let you know as soon as it does.
Dont get upset if you think I have ignored you..(like some stroppy c**t did), it is one of a few things why,
1: Sometimes I take my time answering or wait till I have something to say
2: You just haven't made the effort to grab my attention or you are just simply not what I am looking for.
3: You have clearly NOT read my profile and asked a dumb question...and I am just waiting for your words to evaporate before I give up the will to live.
DONT initiate a conversation and then vanish...and then wonder why I ignore you when you try again.. have the good grace and manners to say goodbye.












 Dominant Male

 E Sussex (coast) 

 United Kingdom

 6' 2"

 250 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Submissive Transgender

Submissive Female

Submissive Male




 Masks (On Partner)

 Obedience Training

 Role Playing







 Genital Punishment


 Masks (Wearing)

 Mental Bondage


 Orgasm Denial

 Pantyhose Fetish

 Pony/Puppy Roleplay

 Rubber Fetish




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Journal Entries:
12/4/2017 3:39:43 PM
Cockwomble troll.
Someone who does not read a profile thoroughly.
Insults you, then immediately blocks you.
Boys and girls.. please avoid .. slave416

6/21/2017 7:48:09 AM
You met Master online
You were stupid enough to give the impression of topping from the bottom, and gave your list of paint by numbers fantasies.
It came to the day of meeting and Master picked you up from home fully dressed, this was a major step for you.
Dogging was a fantasy of yours, so master said he would oblige.
You sit next to him after your nervous greeting and off he drives.
After some small talk Master curses to himself and says his wallet is at home and needs to pick it are still conscious of yourself being out and dressed.
Master pulls up and invites you in follow.
As you step through the door you are felled by a mighty slap to the face.."stay down bitch" Master snarls, You are numb with shock and comply. Master grabs the back of you head and rapes your mouth..he cums hard then drags you shocked and stunned down into a basement.
It is bare with a cot and a potty, on the cot was a book.
"Read" master barks flinging the book in your face.."I will be back in the morning"
You try to protest in fear but is slapped once again.
Shocked and tearful you pick up the book with shaking hands after the door clicks shut..
It starts..
You are
You are now to become a escape.
Welcome to your new life bitch...

Tears made the rest difficult to read..

4/24/2017 3:17:37 PM
Going through my old mail box... so many closed accounts, so many fake promises and lies.. and still so many morons unable to grasp the basics of a profile.
Simple instructions fall through fingers of stupidity.

2/5/2017 2:01:15 PM
(Sigh)...Another fucking time waster... full of hot air and empty promises and fucking excuses... 

6/13/2016 8:05:58 AM
You stand in front of the long mirror, looking a dream in your white lace, your clitty standing proud.. it twitches at the thought of Daddys masterful hands and that oh so wicked wand.
You run a finger along your collar.."Daddys Girl" shining proudly.
Your aching to be on your back, to be filled and pumped, to be reduced to a feminine wreck, dominated and controlled...your happy place.

You check out your lipstick, run a finger across your eyebrow as you pout.. soon now.
Last month a moronic cock sure gob shite, wasting your stupid life on football and beer now you are cock bait, trained and subdued, with purpose.. to please a real man.

Butterflys of anticipation.. tonight you will show him how a cock should be sucked.. you dare not touch your clitty in fear of exploding.. that is Daddys job...if you were lucky.

4/24/2016 7:32:30 AM
You are all excited and full of trepidation.. Daddy is coming over today.
Not for you but to service your wife.

She helps you dress as a little slut and do your make up... you are desperate to catch his eye.

See looks at you with an wicked glint and smiles.
"We are going to do something a little different today young lady... dont worry, daddy will use your mouth like a little cunt... and I know you like to eat his yummy man cum from my pussy... but, today he is going to fuck me up the arse... and when he is finished you will suck him clean and then I am going to feed you his cum straight from my ass....
who is a lucky lucky girl hmm?"

My stomach churns at the thought...but my erect clitty betrays my true thoughts.

1/23/2016 4:16:13 PM
Today was fun day...Daddys fun day.
You are on the bed, dressed as a slutty little girl.
Tartan miniskirt, white bowed stockings, Barbie top and Diaper... 
You are bound tight...very tight..
You are bound tight so you are both vulnerable and accessible.
You bum still hot and smarting from your spanking, eyelashes still damp from tears.

Daddy walks to the bed and smiles.. "Boy am I gonna use you...fuck yes... time to make you the fuck toy you really are"
He puts a pot of lube on the table and a wand.
"Every hole you have is a cunt...understand?"
You nod yes, both excited and scared.
"Good girl, you exist for my pleasure..time for you to start earning my special attention."

You roll onto your back and start to gyrate your hips slowly and suggestively.
Time to be this mans little whore....your reason for living.

1/23/2016 2:27:18 PM
You sit on your knees, arms tied behind your back, aching, feeling sorry for yourself.
Daddy is demanding, strict and you know you will never win, but it doesn't stop you trying and getting yourself into trouble...and that means punishments will always follow.

You look and feel girly in your sissy pink dress.. minimal make up, frills that hide your give away erection... you crave daddy's attention...his sensual touch.

Daddy walks into the room, your heart skips an excited beat.
"Hows my silly little Princess" he sneers. 
You look at him with adoring love daddy...but your ball gag prevents you from answering, so you do the best with what you have.

"Dry mouth sweet heart?"
You nod...slowly
"Awwww...lets sort you out." he smiles as his foot presses against your hard clitty.
Daddy undoes his fly, his semi erect member is by your face... you nuzzle it lovingly, so much pleasure it has given you, its almost like it is your master and you are its personal slave.
You take in the musk odor, breath it in...wanting it inside you.
You look up at daddy with pleading eyes, daddy smiles and pops out your ball gag........ 

11/30/2015 4:49:28 AM
The last weekend was humiliating fun, it was diaper training and you looked cute with that big white bulge showing under your short pink frilly dress.
You spent the time acting and playing the part, you hated it, the embarrassment of being patronized, talked down to and playing with dolls.
Soon all was forgotten when Daddy put his hand in your diaper and fondled you nicely, then you had a long session sucking on your special dummy.

This weekend though was bimbo training, and your feet are killing you, forced to stand and walk for hours in very high heels, acting slutty like a bitch on heat...your task was to turn Daddy on, give him a hard on with out touching him.

Eventually you achieve your goal and find great relief from your aching heeled feet when you got on your knees to suck daddys eager cock.

"Ok slut" Daddy says with a smile "Time to up your bimbo training, time you acted and were fucked like a pure whore porn actress." 
Kinky daddy didnt lube up as such... he just rubbed your pre cum over the tip of his cock.
Lucky girl.

5/24/2015 8:20:03 AM
A busy afternoon... 6 blocks and two wannabe profiles deleted... goodbye! (wont belong before they come back in a new guise).

5/22/2015 3:35:13 AM
A, is a young goatied baseball cap wearing guy from Orlando with a six pack.. ok if you like that sort of thing....however.....

A, Hello sir..
A, Hello sir make me your sissy girl.
A, I need to serve you sir
A, Sir why are you not replying to my messages?
B, Have read my profile?
A, Fuck you!

Face palm

5/20/2015 12:09:29 PM
Yesterday was a good day for you...
A sissy schoolgirl in tartan mini, short white sox and white cotton panties, your hair was in bunches spilling down your pink sweater..
Your breath was caught every time you caught yourself in the mirror.. a little heart breaker, Daddies princess...
Evening before bed you sat on Daddies lap, kissing him lovingly as he played with your clitty and titties...

Today is different the start of a long weekend...
you find your self bound, tightly, vulnerable and accessible.. clad in sissy rubber... this weekend you are Daddies personal doll... a no hope, no escape fuck toy...

Your not sure why but you are groggy... swirly.. weak..
Daddy walks in the room and puts a bag by the side... "hello toy" he smiles and puts a pair of headphones on you head... "Goodbye" he smirks and kisses you softly... tongues play.. lights go out.. noise comes on....
"You are have no exist for pleasure... you exist for daddy"

Your heart races with fear..a slight panic.. contradicted by your achingly hard clitty...
its going to be a long....interesting weekend...

5/19/2015 1:34:47 PM
You were stupid with your big mouth...again, that really pissed Master off...again.
Master has a mean kinky streak at the best of times, but when he was pissed off...

Arms tightly bound behind your back, chest thrust out nipples pert from serious tweaking.
Master had forced you drink plenty of water a few hours ago and now you are at the agony point of bursting... you shake in your pink sissy dress, you throb hard in you kitten print panties...beads of sweat gather on your pretty face.

Master pulls down your panties slowly over your hard clitty and presses the hitachi wand against the tip...

"Piss bitch and your spanking will be so epic it will embarrass the gods" he growls.
Poppers are administered...
He cups your shaven balls in his hot rough hands and kisses you deeply 
A tear runs down your eye....oh..oh no..oh F F F Fu u u u KKK.... you shudder...

5/11/2015 10:05:17 PM

...your heart skips a beat, just like back at the beginning, the the time you was stupid and cock sure and full of yourself till that collar snapped shut around your neck...much tighter than you had imagined...
you nearly let go of your bladder and your spincter twitched when you realised it was no longer a game.. no longer a fantasy
but harsh cold reality...

that moment master pulled you to your feet, looked you deep into your eyes, then slowly over your body..."'ll do..needs
a bit of work..hell I just may work that ass of yours to pay for a boob job.. work on that mind of'd make a fine bimbo sucking machine,
especially with pumped up lips...hell your dumb enough."

And now you have accepted your roll, not that you had much have been marked, broken and stupidly happy with your lot.
Master cuffs your wrists tightly to your ankles and throws you on your back onto the bed. He opens a bottle of lube, girly smelling and fragrant..
the cold splashes take your breath away and master starts to work it in..he leans forward and kisses you deeply and passionately, a tear slips from your
eye...then master takes his pleasure...plunging deep..dominating..taking what is his...his permenant Sissy fuck toy.... x

1/28/2015 10:04:53 AM
Some images that just dont cut it for me>>>

Yanking your arse cheeks apart... boring,

Rear shot with bent knees yanking arse open...not a graceful look, keep your knees together girls, it just looks like your taking a dump.

String hanging out you arse...its not a good look on a woman, it aint a good look on you, tampons are for cunts not arses. (and it looks like a worm)

Hair spilling over a bra... Fine if I was dating a gorilla

There are some beautiful girls on here in some classy, sexy poses... look around, get some good ideas.
oh and dont tell me you cock is off limits because its are what you are till you have a change...a clit is a mini cock...savy?

8/25/2014 9:57:28 AM
Finally...back on line...what an arse about... time to change service providers me thinks!

1/29/2014 5:28:40 PM

Sorry girls the pictures you like are gone, some lame looser had a strop on and reported ALL the pictures cos it didnt get its own way... not forgetting it was to dumb not to read profile information and ask questions that would of been answered otherwise.... some nice pics will be up soon x

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