I have a 30yo sub trans gurlfriend that I would enjoy sharing with a older Dom on a regular basis. I have shared the sissy with 2 men, it was mainly just rough sex to help the sissy get use to being used by other men. She can be a little hesitant and has a attitude that needs to be adjusted, having her cocked locked up for a few weeks will definitely help with this. She can host in the north metro but doesn't drive, so hopefully you are close. We are currently located in different cities so you would have a lot of alone time with her. Even though I wouldn't be there or involved I would enjoy hearing about your sessions/ training, and would enjoy pics/vids. I do understand that those pics/vids would belong to you and I have no right to see them unless you allowed it, she is my gurlfriend but would belong to you. She is sub but with the right Dom I feel the possibility of her becoming a slave is highly achievable. You could also limit when I was aloud to talk/see her since this would really help in transferring control from me to you. She also doesn't have family or a close circle of friends in Minneapolis and spends a lot of her time on the phone with me, so taking that away could be very effective. If you are interested or want to talk to know more feel free to contact me.
 Age: 26
 Roseburg, Oregon