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Note: I will add more here as time goes by. Hi. I am a guy with a very dominate personality that wants to learn more about my kink. I have always been interested in dominating women and im a little bored of just vanilla relationships. I am really interested in 1950's household style play combined with obedience training. I am pretty open to many areas of play but avoid the following: blood, bodily fluids, knife/weapon play, and anything illegal. Also, I am discrete about this lifestyle at The moment, so anything we do will be private. I am career oriented person that has been quite successful. I own a home and enjoy travelling a lot. I am a avid Skier, so I travel a lot during ski season. I am only interested in female sub/slaves. I have always b I must say that I am very respectfully of all women and I think the female gender is amazing for many reasons including giving birth to newborns and caring for children. I would never do anything to hurt a person who is not interested in this lifestyle and for that reason, I believe that consent is paramount in any situation. Furthermore, I believe that it is important to taking safety cautious approach during any session to reduce risks.