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A bit about myself I am university educated, intelligent, work in IT, very passionate, nonsmoker, 5 feet 11 inches, 90 kg, 45 years old, I do exercise from time to time.

In the vanilla world I am someone with open mind, assertive, I am very calm person hardly getting upset I like to think before reacting or talking. I am someone who like to engaging, and like hold a conversation. My interest are history, politics, cooking, movie, music, sport, traveling going out meeting friends, Netflix, cinema and consider myself happy and outgoing. I like to work harder in life and be more skillful, having a stable life would make me a better submissive. I am confident person and will express my view and opinion and will not afraid to disagree in humble manner when holding a conversation with my Domme.

I have a continuous yearning to make myself happy by keep pushing and challenging myself professionally and personally I never stop learning, I have strong values devotion, commitment obedience, loyalty, compassion, open mind, Spontaneity, integrity is very important to me, Sharing and yes, Romance and attention to details.

Rules, protocols, rituals guidence are important to me because they give me structure and its makes me feel good when I?ve completed or achieved them, but for me commitment of the mind, with an emphasis on trust is more important. The relationship, the energy and the exchange are far more important the mental and emotional bonds will create the dynamic than physical desires. A submissive mindset cannot be molded, shaped or forced into being, its withing someone DNA, its the soul fabric from which the individual is cut, and each person is unique. I believe I was born with a submissive heart, mind and soul. I believe submission is self-confidence, it is the greatest demonstration of strength; something to be cherished, nurtured, and respected. It engenders power and inspires pride for me I feel submission have make me a better person, it? define my identity it is such a great gift. True submission comes from the heart, truly wanting to please someone I really care for, and giving myself from your heart, is a great sense of pleasure,? the simple act of giving and surrending becomes what I strive to do and submission give me peace and freedom. I will always place myself, with all my strengths, weaknesses, desires and needs in control and care of my Domme, as It is an Honor, Duty and a Pleasure to please. ?

I seek a deep mental, emotional and spiritual connection with a dominant woman not only in the BDSM way or bedroom but in life, for me submission is not a fetish or kinky sex but the it's a way of life. I believe there is a certain spirituality in a D/s relationship it, its how I feel of my submission, my devotion and love for the woman I am connected to serve and please. There are times when I just can?t put feelings into words, where I just feel the strength and power of my Domme, my reflections are mainly to remind me of the purpose to serve and please someone I care.

I am not a robot submissive, I dont think submission is a path to being a robot with no will or thoughts of one?s own. I submit with great desire, and also understanding, widsom and intelligent thought. Through submission I found peace, freedom despite giving control and a genuine desire to serve and worship, and the need to devote my energy and time to something greater than my own interests. I will always place myself, with all my strengths, weaknesses, desires and needs in my control and care my Domme. They are not right or wrong or better than anybody else's. To me, requiring such extreme service from a submissive detracts from the pleasure of having a man serve to begin with, and? Serve without thought of my own desires, and given her a gift beyond all measure, and always serve with pride and show proudness.

I am looking for a FLR, I want to start slow getting to know my Domme need, want, inner desire and vision to create a strong emotional and mental connection to a deeper level of Intimacy and trust. I believe mental and emotional connection and control are two things go handinhand and very important in DS relationship.

My motivation to be involved in a DS relationship in a clear self understanding of my Domme need, desires and inner vision how to serve and please her, I serve in many shape and , my submission is more than just doing what I am told by my Dominant,I like to learn what makes my Dominant happy and doing my best to provide it, I always think about what pleases my Domme all the time. Never making my Dominant remind me of her preferences, or? not having to make her wait longer than is absolutely necessary, being observant to her wants and needs, studying her habits, these are all things that make my submission to her special. I find lot of satisfaction and pride when I am able to achieve this goal, her smile is the most rewarding thing and will always obey rules, direction and protocol set out, With or without her presence I will always represent my Domme. My actions, behaviors, represent Her, and its my responsibility to represent Her in a way that will honor Her and make her proud and I crave the domination energy over my mind and soul.

I am not perfect, I know sometime I will make mistake but the most important thing I have the strong willingness to serve and please and crave my Domme control, energy and power over me, the trust and joy of surrendering my soul and give my submissive to her completely And thats the beauty of a Ds relationship There are always new boundaries to explore and reach, and with every pinnacle reached, and the trust in one another just opens up and deepens beyond what the thought possible And its that trust that pushes things forward.?? ?
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