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Gay Male Master, 55,  NYC and vicinity, New York
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I seek a no-limits slave to use abuse daily. I do not want a relationship with you. I do not care what is on your mind. My intention is to train you to be non-thinking property. No rights. No complaints. Obeying and reacting to commands without hesitation.

If you need training to handle extreme BDSM you will be chained at all times, usually gagged except for when you are told to eat or drink. When not being used or abused, you will be chained to a bed, locked in a closet, or bound uncomfortably awaiting my next whim. And I DO NOT want a slave that wants a lot of interaction. There will be a lot of isolation and loneliness between pain sessions. There will be intense pain and bondage DAILY until you have been molded to my satisfaction. You will be trained never to resist or beg for mercy.

Many slaves say no limits but in reality everyone has a breaking point. I will find that point keep going past it.No matter how much you WANT to avoid resisting or asking for mercy, you will--it is just human nature. You will then be punished for disobeying and the pain will be intensified. After this happens enough times you will be conditioned never to resist or ask for mercy and you will TRULY have no limits. At that point you may still have thoughts and feelings of your own but you will never express them or think that they have any value to me. You will eventually come to know that the only thing that matters to you is pleasing me, and following my orders exactly. You will exist only to gain my approval, whether it be by suffering for my amusement, or just cleaning my apartment.

I cannot afford to support you. You will have to pay your own way to get here. When I am convinced that you have been sufficiently trained I will expect you to get a job that provides enough money for health insurance, food, and whatever clothes and equipment I decide you need. Once you are working the SM activities will be eased during your work week so as not to interfere with your job, but weekends, holidays, vacations will be particularly painful for you.

Do not write saying you want to be locked away forever unless you have money saved to pay for your food, etc.

I am not looking to take all of your assets. If you want to turn some of what you have over to your family, that is OK. If you are capable of earning more than enough for the basics some arrangement can be made to split things between them and me. Any extra money would be set aside for your future financial security. (Or you can just sign everything over to me if you wish.) My friends know I am into BDSM--family does not-- but none would think I am into it enough to keep a slave, especially in such harsh conditions. If I decide to introduce you to them it will be as a friend or roommate. I tell you this so you know that I want a 24-7 slave but do not live a 24-7 BDSM lifestyle. I would make accommodations so your family does not have to know, either.

I do not have a sound-proofed dungeon, or lots of special equipment. I am a regular guy in most ways. I just have some unusual turn-ons. I live in an apartment, so although has fairly thick walls that absorb some sound, you will often be gagged when I am hurting you.

My weight goes up and down and is currently on the way down. I also have a VERY bad back. I move slowly and stiffly. It will get a little better with weight loss, but will always be debilitating to some degree. I am on a diet, but I will never be a fantasy figure and what I offer is a harsh reality.

Be sure this is what you need-- pain, total obedience, and giving up all control of yourself to your Master. Being treated like property, only being treated like you exist when I am in the mood to (ab)use you.

Be clear that I want a PAIN slave, NOT a sex slave. I have ED resulting from spinal issues. Pills usually do not work, so my sex life is non-existent. I can deal with it and you would have to as well. You will still get used sexually-- I will enjoy watching friends torture and fuck you-- safely, of course. I will always be trying to hurt you, but never to injure or damage you.

A Master and slave relationship is one of mutual need fulfillment--as much as you might doubt whether you can handle it or should have agreed to it you will know deep down that this is the life you need and you will be grateful that I understand and can give it to you.

If you are going to respond to this profile, do not just give me a few sentences. Write enough to tell me who you are, how you know you need this, what your current family, financial, and health situations are.

Why is it that every man from out of town thinks-- I like bondage-- or-- I want to be a slave-- describes his life? Do you work? Have you been to a doctor in the last 20 years? Do you have a family? What is your relationship like with them? Do you have a lease or mortgage, bills, or any other debts? I am tired of men who write to me and do not think any of that matters. If I am going to invite you into my home, even as a slave, I want to know who and what you are. If you would be moving away from your current life, explain how and why you would leave it.

I am only looking for 18-54, healthy, at least decent shape, and masculine. I AM NOT INTERESTED IN CROSSDRESSERS OR FEMS.











Last Online:


 Dominant Male

 NYC and vicinity 

 New York

 5' 7"

 212 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Submissive Male


 Bondage (Expert)

 Collars (Expert)

 Genital Punishment (Expert)

 Gags (Expert)

 Obedience Training (Expert)

 Orgasm Denial (Expert)

 Spanking (Expert)

 Wax play (Expert)

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