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heres a real Master seeking female salves

be aware its not a game.... its not a sexual experience, its a spiritual connectione.... so if u r in games dont contact me

being honst is an advantage

trust never been there unless u r real

one last thing..... Time life, therefore, waste your time and waste your life, or Master your time and master your life.

best wishes for u all

Master Abraham

1/29/2018 3:04:06 AM
I have noticed that many people here are launching phrases such as "the dark side" or "the other side of life" or like "normal life" and other similar phrases ... I would like to say that such deions of our lives indicates duplication ... When we have the right to choose what we like to be, this is our life ... Yes, we do not have real communities for our lives, where we practice them freely but it must be faith in what we like to be visible even in our conversation and described it .. Just an idea I love to mention it

4/16/2017 7:10:35 PM
There is much more to a human being than just body and mind. The spirit plays an important part in shaping the life of each individual.
go slow to go fast.
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go slow to go fast.
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4/11/2017 9:56:06 AM
When you exist here only as a body and a mind, suffering is inevitable.

If only there is a sufficient number of people whose experience of life goes beyond body and mind, this world will be a very different place.

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