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Hetero Male Dominant, 63,  Hartford CT, Connecticut
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Im a rubber-loving man who would like to make friends with a rubber-loving woman. I will dress you in rubber, lock you in bondage, and fuck you to my hearts content. This is the fantasy.

The reality is that I want to enjoy the company and companionship of a devious, depraved, rubber-loving, bondage-loving, sex-loving sub or switch woman who is intelligent, articulate, energetic, genuine, and above all honest, who would like to enjoy my attentions and give me hers. You need to be willing to discuss your kinks openly and forthrightly, have your own ideas about how kink should work and feel comfortable about talking about it, and not be embarrassed by any kinky questions I may ask you.

You also need to know that Im in a sexless vanilla relationship, about which Ill be happy to explain in detail if asked. If youre also in an sexless vanilla relationship, that would be ideal, since then we could become friends and lovers and enjoy lots of SSC kinky play together, and after we have both given each other mind-blowing orgasms we can go back to our vanilla lives with a secret smile on our faces and no one else the wiser.












 Dominant Male

 Hartford CT 


 5' 9"

 210 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

 Lives For:

 Bondage (Expert)

 Rubber Fetish (Expert)


 Blindfolding you (Expert)

 You wearing my collar (Expert)

 Gags (Expert)

 Hoods (Expert)


 Sensory Play


 Electrical Play

 Placing you on a leash (Expert)

 Public Play

 Speech Restrictions (Expert)


 Curious About:

 Shibari (Beginner)

 Hard Limits:


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Journal Entries:
5/30/2022 8:46:19 AM

Recently I've noticed numerous sissies and gay males viewing my profile.  Why?  I'M NOT INTERESTED IN MEETING OR CONVERSING WITH ANYONE OTHER THAN CIS FEMALES!  Please bear that in mind as you consider whether to click the "Send" button.

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