Vertical Line


I am a man who knows what it is he seeks in life. I have had enough experience to be fully aware of what it is I require and how to obtain it. I understand my needs and I make no apologies for taking what is mine, when where and how I desire. I currently have an opening in my home and life for a subservient student or trained slave. I have a good job and a beautiful home in the country. It is now time for me to seek the slave or submissive who will complete the picture and fulfill my domestic and insatiable deviant needs. I have trained submissives and slaves before and found it to be the most rewarding and fulfilling environment I have been in. I now have the time and desire to once again take on this commitment to train one for long term. I very much enjoy training women who are inexperienced and unfamiliar with this lifestyle and the reality of complete surrender. I enjoy watching as she blossoms from the shy little proper girl she was in to the limitless sexually charged and obedient servant she yearns to be. The pleasure toy, slut, and servant, that lies deep within her soul that burns to be released. As I stated I have trained before and I absolutely enjoy being a mentor and teacher. I am very confident in my ability. My experience is vast and my limits are few. As much of a reward as I get from training one who seeks a confident, mature, stable and experienced Dom. I also would be interested in an individual who has past experience. In either case I will expect to have an intimate knowledge of my woman. I need to know her mind, body, and soul. I need to know her level of training as well as her experience. I will provide a clean and stable environment that will allow her to fully explore and express her true and deep inner needs to give herself to the one who will in fact take what is his when and where he desires. This is not something one can put on and take off like a hat. It is, and should be who we are. I require one who has realized this is what she seeks and who she needs to be, yet she requires the one with the patience, time, facility, experience, and commitment, to teach and train her in the manner that fulfills her inner drive and also serves my needs. She will learn how to serve in the full manner that only a subservient woman can serve her Man. She will serve completely and wholly. Her knowledge that I encourage and embrace her surrender will allow her the true freedom to serve uninhibitedly. I require one who needs to realize her true potential to completely surrender and serve in a manner that will expose and explore her sexuality and push her limits. She will learn what it is to become part of something that completes her. She will learn what it is to become the possession of another. She will be provided the guidance and direction she seeks. She will learn that her purpose is to serve and provide pleasure to her Master. She will learn that there will be nothing withheld and she will be used accordingly. Her use would be varied and constant. Her training will be daily. I have few limits and my student must understand that, as I train her to accept and become comfortable in her use. I very much seek the one who already understand or seeks to be taught about pure, raw, uninhibited, primal, animal pleasures of the flesh. However she will also be schooled in other aspects of serving. Anyone who understands this knows it is not simply a sexual arrangement. I will provide the guidance and structure that is needed. At times this will include when and how she dresses and how she keeps herself. She will learn the freedom of surrender, the reward of serving, and the security of belonging.