Vertical Line


I am a single submissive male novice. I have been interested in D/s all my life, even before I ever heard of it, but I have rarely experienced it. All of my relationships have been essentially "vanilla" ones, with small elements of D/s at times. I have never been able to successfully express my submissive desires to a girlfriend, out of fear and shame. In particular, I am attracted to dominant, mature women, but I am not able to meet or approach them.

I tend to be people-oriented and extroverted in social situations but can be more reserved one-on-one. I am strongly optimistic and positive and have a good sense of humor.  Sometimes I have trouble taking things seriously. I am a good communicator and enjoy many interesting social activities.

I have had fleeting, limited experience of D/s with some girlfriends, but it never went to far...some women have rejected me for expressing such desires, in other cases I was simply too afraid to bring it up.

I want very much to experience this form of relationship and spend a great deal of time thinking about it. As a novice, I do not feel ready to jump into a permanent D/s relationship.

I would like to meet a mature, dominant woman who lives in the New York region, preferably not in New York City. I would like us to meet, and, if there is mutual chemistry and compatibility, to spend time together and to serve her on a part-time basis. I am interested in a relationship where we can take our time and proceed slowly.