Vertical Line



My name is Michelle and Im a 43 year old crossdresser. Right now I am a part time CD so I dont go out in public (I dress only in private) and I am not smooth (except for my face and ass of course) and you must be ok with this, but otherwise I am passable and fem. I am white, slim, 510, about 165 pnds, brown eyes and brown hair.

Im looking for a dominant, rough, in-charge, selfish man that acts and looks like a man and thats only interested in receiving pleasure not giving it and whos definitely not interested in my clit. Im looking for a man that basically wants to have his own sex toy. A gurl he can control and use to his liking. A girl he can use for his own pleasure while denying my own. Although I am a 110 bottom I am not necessarily a submissive by nature, thats why I need a man that knows how to take a girl like me and put me in my place and keep me there even if I dont like it.

Im not into any type of violence, or anything that leaves body marks nor any type of toilet play either.

Ideally looking for a man that would want a somewhat regular, private and very discrete gf or wifey type that he could mold and use to his liking on a semi-regular basis and who at least in the bedroom, would be in complete control where I simply would have no say in anything and my man would decide whats best for me, whether I liked it or not.

Also, the ideal man would eventually demand his gurl be put into chastity and would enjoy knowing that I could no longer get hard or cum like a man but instead always yearn for release that rarely comes.

Im shy so take charge. Not interested in other sissies or men who like to switch andor suck a sissy clit, if you like that, thats ok, but I wouldnt consider you a true dominant male and therefore I wouldnt be interested in you.

Please have a profile pic available when responding.