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Gay Male Submissive, 50,  Marysville, Ohio
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Looking for Dominant Alpha Men to sexually control me and force me deeper into gay sissyhood.

I am a sissy, cross dressing faggot that is built to please and obey Real men. I am intimidated by large men or men with strong, powerful personalities because they make me feel weak, and because it also makes me want to kneel and serve them. Its that weakness that made me start dressing and acting like a sissy from a young age. I am very attracted to demanding, masculine men who are stern but also protective and caring. I take orders well. I adore a man who controls my body, talks to me in bed, calls me sexy or dirty names, tells me what he is going to do to me, and then tells me I am a good gurl if I am pleasing him. If I misbehave or make a mistake, I crave his discipline and correction. My ideal Alpha male keeps me in my place, is always training me to please him, demands total obedience and perfection in my sexual skills, and does all the thinking for me because as a sissy it is not right for me to make decisions about my body.

I am submissive to men and have been all my life. I crave the touch, control, masculinity, discipline, and sexual pain that only Real men are capable of, the type of men who will use my body the way I am built to be used. I have been giving my body to men for most of my life. Its natural for me to be sexually submissive. I understand that Alpha men and what they want. I know what a man needs and how to satisfy him. I have two hot holes and I have been trained that their only purpose is to take hard cock from you Dominant males. Its not even important to me anymore if I cum , as long as my man cums. I am still trying to learn to orgasm properly, like a gurl, ONLY from getting fucked.

For many years I thought I was bi, but wonderful Man retrained me to understand that what I really need to feel complete is to satisfy men as a gurl, not just as a part-time crossdresser. He taught me that I am a total gay sissy faggot, and sexually submitting to Real Alpha males is now my purpose in life. My holes and my body dont belong to me. They belong to Real Men for their use.

I love cock and also fear it. I need to trust my man and know he will protect me, but I need him to train me to fear his cock and what it can do to me. Its important that he uses me hard and that our first date involves a little sexual pain so I know I am with a man that enjoys breaking in sissies to act correctly and will ignore her pleasure for his own.

I am seeking a Dom, Master, or Daddy that is willing to take on the responsibility of owning me. He must have the experience and patience to continue training me so that I per perfectly as a sissy cock pleaser.

I ADORE cock! Kissing, licking, sucking, stroking, or just holding it in my hand. Taking a mans erect hardness in my mouth and giving him a long, sensual, passionate blowjob is a beautiful experience for me. Offer it to me, rub it in my face and push it into my mouth, or force it in and down my throat. It turns me on like crazy to hear a man groan and feeling him grow hard and then shudder when he gets off in my mouth. Giving head is a very feminizing, submissive, intimate, and loving act for me, much more than just pumping my face back and forth on a cock. When I am going down on him, I am also licking his balls, running my tongue up and down the shaft, French kissing his asshole, and using my hands to caress and stroke it. I use my mouth to make love to a cock, so tell me what you want. Let me please you.

I also willingly accept mouth and throat fucking. Put me on my back with my head hanging over the edge of the bed (my favorite), or you decide. Spit in my mouth or my face if you need to. I have already been trained for watersports, so I will take it on my face or swallow it.

I want you to be excited watching your cock slide in and out between my wet, lipstick-covered lips. I will look up at you adoringly and thank you with my eyes for allowing me to taste you and hold your cock in my mouth. When you are ready to cum, go ahead and shoot in my mouth or pull back and blow it all over my face. I crave the taste and smell of cum, and taking a load on my face is degrading and loving and sexy all at the same time. Then, please make me wear it for the rest of the night.

I can also be romantic and passionate. I work hard to be sexy for men. I want the sex to be a long session. I am not here for quickies. It takes time to get dressed, put on makeup, do my nails and look good , so I want it to last at least several hours. It is fine with me if a man needs to take a few breaks in between. Just tell me what you want me to do to help you get hard again.

I have to VERY feel safe and secure with a man before I take his cock bareback, but I love doing ass-to-mouth when we can. I know it feels better to men, and Its SO intimate and erotic to me. Go back and forth between my holes as much as you want until you are ready to cum, or just stay inside me. I am trained to clean your cock after you are finished.

I absolutely adore being kissed hard and passionately during sex. A breathless hello kiss as soon as you walk in the room kiss me during foreplay and especially kiss me while you are fucking me, even if you are behind me and you have to turn my face back towards you to do it. Its a HUGE turn-on for me to have a cock and a tongue inside me at the same time because it makes the man seem so powerful to me. If you want to feel my body really respond to your touch, then just kiss me as hard as you fuck me.

I really have few limits, so Ill try almost anything you desire to get you hard and keep you hard between orgasms. I will walk around the room in my heels doing sexy poses so you can see my ass wiggle, slow dance with you with my arms around your neck, or maybe give you a slow handjob or a sensual cock and ball massage with some baby oil. Command me.

I am always in a tight chastity cage on dates because it is helping to shrink my clit and it keeps me focused only on my man. I like light bondage, restraints, discipline, gags, ass spanking and whipping, light whipping or king of my clit and balls, and rough sex. A favorite position is having my wrists tied together above my head because it lets the man turn me any way he wants to use my body. I want him to make me feel like he own my holes and understand that they are his property.

I nipple train every day to keep them long and sensitive for dates, and now they are almost three-quarter inch long and come to attention at the slightest touch. After my pussy, they are my most erotic sex organ. Please use my nipples while you are training and fucking me. I love having them clamped, sucked, twisted, and roughly pinched or played with. Sometimes a man can make me cum just by clamping my nipples and then tugging on them while hes fucking me, without me even touching myself.

I have been with more than one man at once before and I am willing to do it again. I still have a HUGE fantasy of taking two men up my ass at the same time. Of course I also love sex when I am just being your gurl, laying under you while you make slow, passionate love to me, where I am pampered, teased, held, kissed, and seduced. But if you feel the need to get a little rough with me, and fuck me like you just finished a ten year prison sentence, then Do it. FUCK ME. You are the Man, and I am the whore. Please use my body to get off.











Last Online:


 Submissive Male



 5' 8"

 185 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Male

Domme/Dom Couples

Mascdom Couples

 Lives For:

 Anal Play (Expert)



 Stockings (Expert)



 Chest Play

 Collars (Expert)



 Massage (Getting) (Expert)

 Vibrators (Expert)



 Body Worship

 Canes and Crops (Beginner)

 Chastity (Beginner)



 Orgasm Denial (Beginner)

 Outdoor Bondage (Beginner)

 Whips (Beginner)

 Curious About:

 Blindfolds (Beginner)

 Electrical Play (Beginner)

 Exhibitionism (Beginner)

 Local BDSM Community (Beginner)

 Humiliation (Beginner)

 Leashes (Beginner)

 Massage (Giving) (Beginner)

 Obedience Training (Beginner)

 Public Play  (Beginner)

 Role Playing

 Suspension (Beginner)

 Vacuum Stimulation

 Swinging (Beginner)


 Genital Punishment

 Foot Worship

 Gas Masks



 Wax play



 Hard Limits:

 Domestic Service

 Fire Play

 Housework Service


 Knife Play

 Masks (Wearing)

 Needle Play

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