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Hetero Male Submissive, 48,  London, United Kingdom
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rikM - submissive

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If you see me here, you understand why. Now that everything the internet is capable of as far as D/s goes has been exhausted over the years, I can only give up or move forward, into something within the 'real' life, fulfilling for both partners - intellectually and emotionally. When God made the woman ages ago, he made her follower of her man, pliant, obedient, caring and sweet. Now the tables are getting turned slowly but steadily, with men increasingly becoming passive and women becoming what men used to be - discoverers, adventurers, community leaders, bosses, officers in armies.
But I'm more in search of a true Lilith, the freak of creation, who was assertive and active from her very birth, without needing to imitate the man. Someone both soft and capable of leading, both sweet and intellectually curious, both alluring and naturally confident. Who doesn't have to wear a badge saying 'I'm tougher than men'. Who simply is, and smiles quietly, knowing it. I could serve such a woman with pride and kneel in front of her like her knight in armor, even if to the world outside, it could look quite an ordinary affair.
I don't especially ask for humiliation. Rather, I need to be motivated by her soft power that doesn't even need canes or handcuffs. Canes and handcuffs are all fine during the long winter evenings, and I would be happy to let imagination fly with her and explore our passions and limits and push them wherever it brings her joy.
But she would know that D/s means something else than shackles. She would know that it's her caring, her humour, her playful smile, her gentle guidance, our mutual respect, shared discoveries and her acceptance of this wandering soul by her side that tie me to her tighter than anything else.












 Submissive Male


 United Kingdom

 6' 2"

 194 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Female

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