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Hetero Male Submissive, 36,  Charlotte, North Carolina
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quietonehere - submissive

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Looking to meet new people, make new friends and learn! If theres anything you would like to know, please inquire ) I am interested in just about anything to do with milking including forced. Open to chat with anyone in regards to this and would like to find someone local for exploration. If youd like to chat, feel free to message me here.I shouldnt have to put this here but there is no need to be rude when contacting me. Have to give respect to get respect!Update traveling intermittently back and forth to buffalo ny











Last Online:


 Submissive Male


 North Carolina

 6' 1"

 200 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Female

Switch Women

Domme/Dom Couples

Femdom Couples

Friends Only

 Lives For:

 Blindfolds (Expert)

 Sensory Deprivation



 Collars (Beginner)


 Hoods (Beginner)



 Anal Play (Beginner)

 Genital Punishment (Beginner)

 Hair Pulling

 Orgasm Denial



 Curious About:



 Corner Time




 Electrical Play


 Foot Worship

 Gas Masks



 Masks (On Partner)

 Masks (Wearing)

 Medical Play

 Mental Bondage

 Serving as a Butler

 Outdoor Bondage

 Pantyhose Fetish

 Plastic Wrap

 Rubber Fetish


 Speech Restrictions





 Vacuum Stimulation



 Public Play


 Hard Limits:

 Fire Play

 Needle Play

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Journal Entries:
2/9/2018 4:55:26 PM
In need of some heavy bondage!

7/28/2017 11:50:23 AM
I hate stress, nothing worse! Job hunting in the near future! You know you have a stressful position when you see an ambulance here 1-2x a week

7/26/2017 12:55:14 PM
In need of a mindblowing bondage experience!

12/25/2016 6:45:03 PM
This day can end already, I really dread this time of year! Everything is an epic fail! Bring on 2017 already

12/16/2016 7:56:52 AM
Any good recommendations for stress relief?

12/14/2016 7:34:18 PM
It's always hard when you lose someone you know :(

12/6/2016 3:36:27 AM
Happy Birthday to me!

12/1/2016 8:36:07 PM
Thinking positive! Thinking what it would be like. So many unknowns.... Looking forward to seeing what develops! Nothing but smiles!

11/22/2016 12:21:21 PM
Disappointed, miscommunication has a weird way of finding g itself into situations at the most in opportune times. One can hope for a 2nd chance.

11/21/2016 4:27:34 PM
This whole silence thing is rough, if only they had a gag for typing fingers! Hard not to message such an amazing person! I can do this though!

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