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Hetero Male Dominant, 64,  Wolverhampton, United Kingdom
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Strict Experienced Dominant.Who enjoys inflicting pain, when the need arises.One friend on here tells Me that I am a sadist, perhaps I am, that came about because I make My own floggers and yes, I do enjoy using them too !
Ideally I am looking for love and an LTR,I seek a slave or a sub that will be younger than I am.
I am not looking for anything casual, for me there has to be more there than simply lust or the need to play,I will take my time getting to know a new slavesub, one reason for this is that I like to let a lady get to know me and also know that she will be safe with me and that she can trust me, honesty is important to me, so too is respect.

If your looking for discipline on a regular or semi regular basis I maybe able to accommodate you.

As far as your experience goes, it doesnt worry me if you are experienced or a newbie, as I will teach you to do things my way.
I dont consider myself to be a normal Dom as I understand all too well that this life style is not only about my wants and needs, as I have a caring side to My nature as well as a sadistic streak.
Ownership of another brings with ita lot of responsibility, this I understand.
I am single, own home with a large play space.I am looking for a long term relationship that will encompass the Ms, Ds sides of life, 247 is my eventual goal, but it isnt the be all and end all either.
Away from things life style related Im into photography, ebay, I have a fair collection of cameras, I also collect stamps, coins and recently I have been teaching myself to sew.
I have a love for natural wood and enjoy making things for myself, I have been known to make bondage furniture and I expect I will do again.
Oh and I can cook too, well nearly 30 years as a chef I did learn something !

I like to grow a little of my own food and strangely enough I love gardening too.
In the past I have been called strict but fair, one sub once turned me down because as she put it I am too nice to be a Dom, she is now a friend and knows better.
What is on my likes and dislikes list, are on the whole what I have tried in the past, I never rule anything out simply because I havent tried it, after all if youve never tried something how do you know if you dont like it?If anything written above strikes a cord with you, then contact me and we shall see where it leads.
Remember A Gentleman can act a Barbarian but a Barbarian can never act a Gentleman.

I also have a weight problem at the moment and that is being worked on, there are other health issues nothing that stops me doing what I want to do, it just slows me down a little.












 Dominant Male


 United Kingdom

 6' 1"






Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

 Lives For:

 Breast Play

 Canes and Crops (Expert)


 Whips (Expert)


 Bondage (Expert)


 You wearing my collar (Expert)

 Being Massaged

 Erotic touch


 Hair Pulling (Expert)

 Mental Bondage

 Obedience Training (Expert)

 Orgasm Control (Expert)

 Public Play


 Spanking you

 Speech Restrictions

 You wearing stockings



 Cooking (Expert)


 Photography (Expert)

 Victorian Lifestyle (Beginner)

 Working Out

 Classical Music


 Rock Music


 Antique Shows

 Fine Dining


 Musical Theater




 Blindfolding you

 Corner Time

 Eye Contact Restrictions

 Local BDSM Community

 Rear End Play (Expert)

 Placing you on a leash

 Massage (Giving)



 Sensation Play

 Selecting the clothes you wear

 Maid / Butler Service

 Outdoor Bondage

 Sensory Play


 Vacuum Stimulation (Beginner)

 Wax Play

 Science Fiction

 Beading (Beginner)

 Candle Making


 Online Auctions (Expert)


 Sewing (Beginner)


 Blogging (Beginner)


 Lifestyle BDSM

 Old Guard

 Country Music

 Opera Music

 Show Tunes


 Role Playing

 TV Sports

 Curious About:

 Going to the Opera



 Suspension Bondage






 Fire Play

 Horror Movies

 Hard Limits:



 Female Sovereignty



 Leatherworking Expert

 Professional Chef

 Woodworking Expert

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Journal Entries:
6/6/2022 12:59:27 PM

I was logging in the other day when I spotted a random profile, where the owner was bragging he'd had a profile on here for some 11 years, I nearly said something to him as to however long you've had a profile on here doesn't make you a better Dom, anyway my seventeen years trumps his eleven.

I'm sixty five in a few day's time, the first thought that enters my mind most mornings is "How the hell did that happen"I've spent many years looking for my miss right I guess if I've not found her by now the chances are I'm not going too.

I spent far too many years fighting to stay alive I guess I just missed out on life, but I can't say I've been unhappy I've just never really known the joy of finding a partner, there was a few attempts but nothing that lasted for long, I did have a live in sub for a few years but she turned out to be violent and on one occasion managed to put me in hospital.

It's said what one has never had one will never miss, I really don't know how true that is.

4/18/2018 7:30:24 AM
Sometimes this site annoys the hell out of me, I sit and write a nice message set it out nice in things like sentences and paragraphs, then once sent I double check its gone correctly and what do I  find every things been bunched up into a block of text that's hard work  to read !

Thanks SC

4/3/2018 11:14:12 PM
As some that know me personally will tell you I have a weight problem, not written too much on here of late, but I have decided to share my success or on going story with any that care to read it.

A few years ago now I contracted PMR  Polymyalgia rheumatica   The only known treatment is steroids, having to take various amounts between 40 mg and 5 mg a day for 2 years and 2 months, I put a massive 7 stones on in those two years, I have been a weight watcher for years.

I am happy to say that in the last 12 months I have lost 6 stones and yes its far easier to put on than get off.

In all I am planning to loose 10 or 12 stones so still a long ways to go as yet. 

9/23/2017 2:54:31 PM
It has to be said I have struck lucky.

Not every profile on here is fake, there are many lovely people on here all looking for that some one special.
I couldn't be happier with the Lady I have found on this site, the future looks amazing. Did I mention I was Happy ? :)

2/26/2017 3:43:30 PM
Some times some instructions leave you wondering exactly what is being spoken about, the instructions came from a friend yesterday and they were as follows, "get them cherry red and then dump them in a bucket of cold water" 

Good job I knew what the person was talking about. Its for heating copper. makes it easier to work with, sometimes I make jewelry and have been experimenting with copper wire for a while, now moving onto sheet copper. I may put a photo up when one's finished.

1/24/2017 2:50:04 PM
Ohh deep joy according to a TV advert I saw earlier we're all in for a second 50 shade film being in the cinema this February 

Haven't we been subjected to this crap for long enough now ?

I dare say I'm not the only person on here that's not read the books or watched the film.

12/25/2016 4:18:23 AM
Merry Christmas to A/all 

& Best wishes for the new year.

I hope W/we all find what we're looking for !

7/6/2016 10:28:34 AM
Just returning to this site after a few years, looking once more 
Just hope this site is better now than it used to be as it was full of fakes, I expect in time we shall find out one way or the other.

4/8/2007 10:52:26 AM

This is addressed to the Gorean gentleman (I use the term loosley) who seems to think that the whole world should jump when he says they must.
you I assume know who you are, you're head is big enough to know its you I refer too, I really don't care, what you think or choose to say about me, if you really wish to be that childish, carry on and tell the whole world and let them, like me see you for the childish fool you are. What are you going to do next, send more messages via mutual friends, what, do you really think I give a monkeys if you threaten to ban me from your little chatroom ?
One thing I would like to know, who died and made you think it is up to you what other people think and or are allowed to say and feel?

Finally, if its ok with you I will continue reading the books, then I shall draw my own conclusions, ohh and if its not ok with you, then the best thing I can say to you is - sit and swivel !

8/8/2006 11:21:17 PM
It would appear that it is not only men that can't  or don't read profiles, two days ago now I received a memo from a Domme that can't read, it contained only four words "on your knees slave" as I said to her what part of "Strict Experienced Dominant " don't you understand ? seems she made a mistake.

3/4/2006 3:40:52 AM

As I have gone back to reading profiles i have noticed that some of the ones I have read recently have started with a warning that as the person is not or no longer looking why do people keep sending memo's.

I would also like to ask why if a person is not looking why don't they put something on their profile to say as much?

I have mailed one or two people lately, one person answered to say they were no longer looking, well if that is the case please put it on your profile.

I work on the basis that if there is no write up on a profile then that person is not looking or if there is refferance to a person being happy with their partner, there is no point wasting my time or theirs, but all to offten having read through a profile and decided to write to a person the memo goes unopened and/or unanswered.

yes I know some people on here, mainly the ladies get a lot of answers to their adverts, but surely its just good manners to reply if someone has taken the time to reply to your advert, if only to say thanks but no thanks.

Just my thoughts


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