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The Quetzalcoatl is neither a bird, although his feathers are colorful, nor a serpent, although his vision is black white, but a unique mixture which lands on top of a pyramid instead of climbing its stairs.


If interested in play you should know and accept that i am in a polyamourous relationship with my sub-girl. So she will be included in play because i dont like doing things behind the back of others. I prefer to include them. Thats more fun.


I will start spending more time on fetish-photography again now that the new house has plenty of studio-options. Contact me if interested.


For the house I am looking for a local maid (female-bicouple-CD-trans) to keep it tidy.
And I like locking up people.

7/5/2011 6:37:50 AM

Wether i'm wearing a suit & a tophat
 or a kilt & a shirt,
 or 20kgs of photogear
 i always feel elegant
 when visiting a renaissance fair
 or a genre convention.
 And i'm wondering if others here
 are interested in such events aswel. 

 Propositions in D/s-style or a Daddy/daughter-way or a more ritualistic pagan way will be  considered. 

 At home i have 2 Cages with heavy shackles
 and i don't flinge when testing a sub/slave's treshold of pain,
 nor do i hold back when giving a sub her orgasmathon,
 yet there is no cold cruelty inside of me.
 I want a sub to curl up to me
 and lie in my lap
 purring of joy
 when receiving all the positive attention
 i deem her worthy.

 This is the way of a winged serpent;
 as soft as it's colourfull feathers,
 as hard as it's iron scales.

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 Age: 36
 Oxford, United Kingdom