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creative male musician, singer ex photographer and film maker. Used to teach a bit of martial arts but now just do it for myself, some yoga type stuff, taken up trying archery recently due to being Robin Hood in a past life, like vegetarian cooking, plants , animals, dislikes most humans :) does not drink, occasionall smokes looking for a really filthy pretty slut with no sexual morals who does anything and is a nympho :D photo a couple years old so will post recent one shortly
4/5/2024 4:04:40 AM

90% of bdsm people are horrendously ugly and fat.....look at ANY bdsm/fetish site past present or future

4/2/2024 8:52:39 AM

anyone would think all online people are AI

3/31/2024 6:35:58 AM

The only girl on here that sounded intelligent and sexy was from Norway and then vanished ahhhhhhhhh

3/20/2024 1:09:37 AM

anyone on here who keeps fit and does not eat 50 lard pies a day?

3/17/2024 3:10:42 AM

Seeking a pretty and discrete little filthy cunt who wants to be degraded, humilited and hate fucked

used as a cum target, pissed and shat on

3/11/2024 2:20:34 AM

If you have no photo or do not have one attatched to your introduction message I will delete your mail without opening it

I am not into men, tranny things, adult babies, those over 30 (unless you are youthful/fun) ,unfit people who dont work out

2/25/2024 4:17:16 AM

This website has obvious links to 'The League Of Gentlemen'

2/23/2024 12:21:45 AM

I will NOT write a huge message on any first contacts I make simply because I WILL NOT WASTE TIME/ENERGY WHEN THE PERSON MAY NOT REPLY....IF you do reply to a message or contact me I WILL write more but not unawarranted in first contact. Also despite the rubbish I see people write here about themseles most of them are clearly  VACUOUS and pschologically parasitic liars and DO NOT deserve my time. I also see lots who write nonsense about how spiritual and kind they are etc but kill and eat animals and other things that contradiict what they write, right, pardon me if I puke at the bullshit 

1/24/2024 3:47:12 AM

Please read before contacting me-

Im only interested in females, no men, no trans

you must be sex gulit free

creative with your sexuality and able to tease and thrill.... not a wet noodle

a 24/7 nympho obseessed with filthy sex, sex is your main drive in life

eager to enjoy being a filthy slut with no appologies

enjoy being used and degraded, dirty talk and sex adventures

thank you :)


1/23/2024 1:32:34 AM

idealy looking for a young pretty fuck doll who is utter filth & into being micromanaged

I dont mind if you are kooky and a bit weird at all BUT I am NOT into drama types so NO drama types, I will just pass you by

no males or trans please or over 30 unless youre hot no offence but not my thing

 Age: 53
 Hazel Park, Michigan