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Hetero Male Dominant, 47,  Augusta, Georgia
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Embrace your daddy issues! Are you a little girl that needs an ABDL daddy?

You should like pacifiers, pigtails, dresses, skirts, coloring books, and cartoons... plus glitter, sparkly things, pretty things, and Hello Kitty too. Reply with Hi Daddy! and a babygirl picture of you with a paci in your mouth, and your fantasy of what your perfect daddy would be like... and why you want to be my special princess! No brats, only good little girls need apply... are you going to be my good girl?

Somebody to buy you ABDL stuff and toys and dress you up pretty and play with you and take you places ) Bows and pigtails and pacifiers and stuffies and coloring books and cartoons?

I play a lovable age play daddy to a baby girl. I am looking for an age play little girl who never wants to grow up, but loves her daddy and listens to him, and lives to love, obey, and please him. I have a brief case my little girl can hide toys and little notes in it for daddy to find when he opens it up at work.

My house has a whole age play and time travel theme (that can be made to look normal in 30 minutes) complete with a little girl room with crib, changing table, and plenty of stuffed animals, doll houses, and toys... (see pictures) My favorite themes for my little girl are Hello Kitty, Alice in Wonderland, and Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz. -)

I like dressing my little girl up in pigtails with ribbons in your hair, and wearing bright candy colored play aprons and pretty ruffly panties or if you are baby, with a pacifier in your mouth and in dideys holding your favorite stuffed animal -) If you are a little girl in your pre-teens that is okay too, or if your age play is sexual or non-sexual daddies, I respect that and its all super cool with me...

I can babysit for free, be your daddy, or play with you as a little boy, or be your older or younger brother. I also play a little myself from time to time so i know what littles like. I use to have my own local age play group on FL and we had some very interesting and fun parties.

If you need spankings ( you like them or need them to keep you in line or remind you periodically whos boss) I can give that too but I prefer to be gentle about it (real life mean spankings really hurt! ) and prefer to err on the side of lots of love and caution rather than abuse. But thats not a daddys main job... daddys main job is to love his little girl! Lots and lots!

Anyway, I will protect you and make up stories to keep you entertained and take care of you and cuddle with you all you like. I will change your diapers and kiss you, and watch you go pee pee and hold you and make you giggle. I will give you baths and wash your hair and clean your girl parts really good. I will keep my baby girls little pussy silky smooth like a little girl, and clean out your bottom so its a nice fresh smelling place for daddys curious fingers. Lots of lotion and baby powder to make you smell like my little baby girl.

You have to reply to this ad first, pumpkin... you can be shy with everyone else, but not with your daddy...!

Age Play really is an amazingly rich, fun, and deep kink... there seems to be no end to how much fun and adventure you can have inside of it. I love it lots. Ive practically written the Book for Mommies and Little boys.... and yes, Ive had mommies before as well as little girls (because Im a bit switchy like that).

Dont run from your daddy issues, embrace them! -)


DDlg age play abdl babygirl daddy dom












 Dominant Male



 5' 6"

 180 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female


 Breast Play



 Rear End Play

 Obedience Training

 Orgasm Control

 Role Playing

 Spanking you




 Corner Time


 Eye Contact Restrictions

 Hair Pulling

 Housework Service

 You wearing stockings


 Arcade Games


 Auto Mechanic

 Computer Expert

 Woodworking Expert

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