i am moving to florida at the end of march. i am searching for something, hope to find it with someone who can relate and understand. i also hope to start filling out my journal so please feel free to read it, and i hope it might catch your attention. i have not been intimate with anyone in over ten years and sometimes feel like i am going to explode, but keep hope. i have lived alone for the past ten years. i am retiring and moving to florida and hoping to find a situation that might work for me, and make a Domme happy with my service. would enjoy chatting and also would send a picture if necessary. i do prefer to send pictures via email. i am thinking about a part time job to start when i arrive. maybe there is a Domme that might need her home office, kitchen, or other room cleaned. would consider laundry if trained to do it per your instructions. also lawn work and other odds and ends. i am very new to this submissive side, but do read, and browse and have gained some knowledge. i am honest and upfront. if you want to know more about my past and up-bringing feel free and i will tell you more. i have many thoughts and ideas but never know how forward i should be. i tend to be a little on the shy side, speak when asked.
4/8/2024 8:50:45 AM

thinking about a move to palm beach wish i had a crystal ball 🔮

4/5/2024 9:24:59 AM

i am currently living in jacksonville florida. asking do domme doctors exist or only in fantasy? could use part time work, do domme seek? do you need vacuuming done?

any local pub recommendations?

 Age: 27
 Stratford, Connecticut