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          GoddessErinnyes passed away on Apr
Bisexual Female Dominant, 39,  Institute, West Virginia













 Dominant Female


 West Virginia

 5' 8"

 300 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

Submissive Male

Sub/Sub Couples

          GoddessErinnyes passed away on April 25th, 2013, at home after a short illness surrounded by Her loving and devoted lifestyle Family. We are maintaining this profile in Her honor and memory.


 Many may know me as "Mistress". . .  "My Queen", or simply "Maam". I am a dominant, attractive, assertive BBW, who seeks regular clientele as well as slaves for potentially 24/7 service, also seeking slaves for service at events. I am sensually sadistic, and have a hunger for painsluts or masochists, and a great fondness for footslaves. I expect that my pets interact with wit, and high intellect.

     My level of experience has been one of a lifetime that started in early adulthood. There are very few activities that I am adverse to performing, unless it is something illegal, or play with diapers. I am open to discussion about a slave's desires and am amenable to any type of play from beginner bondage to extreme edge play. For one to be with me, I expect open, honest communication about one's fantasies, desires and what they hope to attain by spending time with me. I require safe words during play with anyone that is not collered to me, and am very astute in administering aftercare.

     A preference is to have full service slaves, for my poly-household. This will be a privilege that will take considerable time to attain.

      To be a slave in my service requires one to exert their best efforts, and strive for personal improvement. I encourage excellence in all service. Expectations includes one to be personable, candid, loyal, sexual, sensual, well mannered, respectful, and most of all obedient.

    Discretion is used by me with all contacts as necessary. You will find me to be non-judgmental, and open to discuss any interests you may have as long as the dialogue is respectful.

    While I would love to answer all e-mails personally I simply do not have the time. I run a busy household with multiple slaves, this requires a good bit of my time, and attention.
     I sometimes will have one of my slaves answer e-mails they make me aware of the ones that are in need of my attention. Please keep in mind being rude to any member of my household is being rude to me.

               ~Goddess Erinnyes~

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