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I am a bi male who sometimes cross-dresses.I am very submissive & eager to please.&nb
Bisexual Male Submissive, 49,  Somerset, United Kingdom
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 Submissive Male


 United Kingdom

 Willing to Relocate

 5' 11"

 195 lbs






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I am a bi male who sometimes cross-dresses.

I am very submissive & eager to please.
I would like a Dominant Male/Female to take control and make me beg for more!

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Journal Entries:
9/4/2011 11:58:43 PM

Found a real gemstone of a lady yesterday, she is one of those people who don't know how amazing they are. If we are just friends that would still be special. 

9/2/2011 11:33:55 AM


I am sitting dressed up like a virgin bride in my fishnets, thong, lacy bra & choker all in a lovely creamy white. My body is smooth from hours of preening & hair removal. I'm dreaming that a Dom/Domme will whisk me off to a world of glorious domestic service once I upload a set of ravishing photo's, which may take a little while as my camera seems to be broken.  




Just hope you have a great imagination till I can sort out the pics !!.

2/6/2010 11:30:16 PM
"You've been a bad boy, haven't you ?" she said.
Dressed in a black leather skirt, thigh-length shiny boots & a catwoman mask, her hair tied back & carrying a riding crop she looked stunning & powerful.
I was already naked & standing spread-eagled with my wrists & ankles strapped to chains. 
"Yes, Mistress" I replied peering through the holes in the leather hood.
"And what happens to bad boys?" as she rubbed the crop up & down my scrotum.
"They have to be punished" I squeaked.
"How do you think you should be punished" she purred.
I swallowed, my mind in a whirl. This was the first time she'd asked & I had to think carefully. My eyes glanced to the black leather vaulting horse & I remembered the joy of the strap-on, but there was also the large dildo by the side & a shiver of both fear & excitement ran through me.
I paniced & replied "I should be whipped Mistress".
She smiled thoughtfully & walked over to the collection hanging from the wall.
As she turned I saw the bull whip & a sick feeling hit the pit of my stomach.
"I was hoping you were going to say that" she  said winking.
"I feel like have a bit of a workout"
"Lets make it more fun by zipping those eyes & mouth of your's"
A cold sweat ran through me & I knew that this time I would really have to suffer to please my mistress.

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