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Bisexual Female Dominant, 34,  Los Angeles, California
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 Dominant Female

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I go by Madame Margherite and Im a Dominant well known Fetish Specialist in the BDSM community. I recommend looking me up you can get to know a lot about me that way. Im an active leader in my community, I take my craft seriously, Im very proud of what I do.

Most People have fetishes but are too ashamed to explore them or even talk about them. Thats unfortunate because no one should be ashamed of their desires. There are no bad kinks only bad behavior and that can be controlled.

I play in a Safe, Sane Consensual environment, where we check judgement at the door. With a responsible Domme, thats how it always should be.

Serving Me as a Submissive or Pet means receiving my guidance, my acceptance, my protection and my praise but requires discipline, dependability and gratitude.

Some of the things I enjoy in addition to Animal Play include various types of Domination and Training, Body Worship, Sploshing, Restraints, Tickle Torture and of course Discipline Punishment. Im an exquisite teacher and have taught various workshops.

Im impressed by effort but intolerant of persistence fine Gentlemen understand my meaning.

I dont take kindly to entitlement.

My life is comfortable I am not looking for someone to replace my Partner or share their privileges, Im in pursuit of DS relationships.

Im looking for Submissive Men Women who are ready to take the necessary steps to truly Serve a Dominant Woman such as myself. Each to serve me once a week or a couple times a month. Pets are especially welcome to apply.

You dont have to have too much experience in the lifestyle but must at least understand that Safe, Sane Consensual is the law that we live by. If youre inexperienced thats perfectly acceptable provided youre willing to learn. I do things properly, that means My Subs do too.

My Subs understand that their responsibilities arent limited to their monetary value, but they support me by making decisions in their every day lives that promote a healthy environment for Me and People like Me.

My Pets and Submissives represent me through their respect for others and their generous deeds.

My Pets and most loyal Subs repay my diligence to the community and my work in preserving the rights of Kinky People by doing what they can politically, socially, educationally, and financially, for our community.

What you get from Serving me is a better quality of life I expect the same in return.

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