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It is a pig 🐷 girl. The pig likes to take over the girl from time to time. It is a v
Bisexual Transgender Slave, 32,  Des moines, Iowa












Last Online:


 Trans Slave

 Des moines 


 5' 6"

 170 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Male

Switch Men

Friends Only

Online Romance

It is a pig 🐷 girl. The pig likes to take over the girl from time to time. It is a very happy, successful girl and the pig exists to blow off some steam outside of its demanding job. Pig likes to be not only dehumanized but also defeminized. Told that it's udders look like man boobs and its cunt lips look like a dicklette. Pig is also a piss pig. It loves bathroom control. Wants to be treated as a fag slave in bedroom.

Journal Entries:
3/29/2018 4:38:38 PM
So horny tonight and have no intentions of doing anything but stroking it's little dicklette. Please feel free to read it's profile and check out it's pics and try to hurt it

3/10/2018 1:27:32 PM
Today, thing changed its gender to transgender. It feels liberating. Thing is currently in a relationship, so that's why it's so hard to reach it right now. Kink update: thing just let it's boyfriend know that it's a cuckquean and stroked it's dicklette, as he talked about whizzing all over another chick's face. It came. Hard.

12/22/2017 12:30:47 PM
Thing is playing with its micro weenie and could use some help. It would like to be treated like a young fat little boi. It is craving emotional/verbal abuse and would like to cry tonight.

12/3/2017 1:47:12 PM
Things cocklette is hard and soaking wet. It feels like it's on FIRE

7/30/2017 7:01:58 AM
Seeks bladder control

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