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Gay Male Slave, 41,  Minneapolis, Minnesota
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My primary goal is to fill my desire (fill the need in my life) to become a full time slave.

While my ultimate hope is to find a permanent home, I also understand that for some potential masters, a lifetime commitment is unpractical. I would rather, therefore be allowed to experience slavery and service in smaller doses if necessary, rather than never experience it at all because I limited my options to a permanent arrangement.

I am open to consider many options, which not only helps me fill my needs, but may help a potential master to fulfill their needs as well.

While I have very few limits, I also have a few needs to fill to make this a rewarding experience. I know that a potential master will have needs of his own, and hope we are able to work together to meet the needs of everyone involved.


First and foremost, my primary need is safety. I will not knowingly enter a situation where I feel I could be put at risk.

The Choice To Not Have A Choice

Secondly, and just as important, I have a need to experience some of physical restraint 100 of the time I serve as a slave. This need not always be fancy, it could be something as simple as locking one end of a chain around a post, and attaching the other end to some part of my body. Even if that chain is hundreds of feet long, it physically prevents me from leaving, and that is the important part.

For me, the choice to enter a slavery arrangement is ultimately a choice to no longer have a choice. Being physically prevented from walking away simply reinforces that.

Fulfilling Obligations

Before I agree to become slave to anyone, one very important aspect we must consider is the amount of time that that commitment will require. I fully expect that under no circumstances should I be permitted to cut my commitment short. I would ask the same of any potential master seeking to own me as well. It is better to agree to a shorter time period that we are sure we both can commit to than to cut a commitment short. There are always exceptions for unforeseen circumstances, but integrity involves honoring your commitments.

I have proposed several different proposals for length of service, and am looking forward to discussions with potential masters which will serve their needs. Essentially, these commitments boil down to three potential scenario

1. The Limited Time Trial

Under this scenario, we would agree on a period of time to try things out. This could be anywhere from one month to one year in duration.

2. A High Stakes Gamble

Under this scenario, I would be secured, effectively committing to serve for an unknown period of time. Only then would you then roll a pair of dice, which would determine the amount of time I would serve as your slave. Under the rules of the game, this could be anywhere from three months to a lifetime commitment. As mentioned above, whatever time period the dice dictate would apply to us both, so this option should be chosen carefully.

3. Agreeing On Forever

Some masters will know from the beginning that they are seeking a slave to serve them for the rest of their life. I would happily consider entering into an arrangement which I knew would last for a lifetime from day one. Any arrangement involving lifetime service must include as many elements as possible which reinforce that commitment. At a minimum, I ask that any lifetime commitment be accompanied by master making sure that the collar locked around my neck be attached permanently.

4. Master Can Choose To Change The Rules At Any Time.

Since I would enter any arrangement, regardless of time choosing to give up my own personal choices, this extends to time commitments as well. If we begin with one of the first two scenarios, and partway through, my master decides he wishes to change the arrangement to a permanent one, He is free to do so at any time. All that is required as a means of notification to me that I would now be serving permanently is that the collar around my neck be secured permanently. Master suddenly welding my collar closed will certainly let me know I am now a slave for life.

While one of the few limitations is that a time commitment can not be cut short, there should be nothing to prevent the master from extending my period of service at any time without my consent. The only limitation is that a Limited Time Trial has a maximum lifetime of one year. After that year, the master should either release me back to the outside world, or choose to convert to a lifetime agreement.

Again, this decision rests entirely with the master, and there is no requirement to consult me. This means I might choose to enter into a situation with a one month commitment, and at the end of the month, I might suddenly find myself bound for life. I accept those consequences as a part of my choice to enter that situation.













 Male Slave



 Willing to Relocate

 5' 11"

 230 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Dominant male

Switch Male

Male Dom Couples



 Lives For:

 Being locked in a cage by you (Expert)

 Being allowed to wear your collar

 Being leashed by you



 You placing hoods on me

 You placing masks on me

 You binding me with plastic wrap

 Rubber Fetish (Beginner)


 You controlling my male parts (Expert)

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