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Im Sardoboss Bra Boy and I have the honour of buying bras for such a beautiful big busted woma
Hetero Male Submissive, 34,  United Kingdom
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Im Sardoboss Bra Boy and I have the honour of buying bras for such a beautiful big busted woman. I have also been taken on as her sub in training but being her bra boy is main duty!


She has asked me to put on my profile that if there are any large chested women who need a bra bought for them then they should contact Sardoboss to see if im available to them

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Journal Entries:
6/21/2013 2:59:35 PM
A few weeks ago I took Sardoboss bra shopping.I wore the chastity device the whole time and I handed over the key to her as soon as I met her.It helped control me in the bra shop from getting too excited.It Didnt help that Sardoboss called me into the changing room and got me to take off her bra.My cock was straining against the chastity device at this point and she was kind enough to let me keep her bra after that! After the bra shopping we went back to mine and Sardoboss allowed me to massage her.My cock was straining against the chastity device the whole time but it was amazing.I knew that Sardoboss couldn't trust me without the device as I do struggle around big busted ladies like her.It was an amazing experience.I know in the future that I will be expected to wear it whenever I meet her!

5/9/2013 2:24:07 PM
Unfortunatly on Saturday Sardoboss has to cancel a bra shopping trip as she was too ill but hopefully I will be able to take her shopping in a few weeks.She has ordered me to get a chastity device which arrived today.Ive tried it on and it seems to fit ok.She has told me that she expects me to wear it on your next shopping trip as she doesn't want me getting too excited.It will only be worn in her presence and on bra shopping trips as I struggle around her and her amazing breasts.Im so excited to hand over my key on our next shopping trip and see how I cope in chastity!

4/11/2013 3:11:40 PM
Unfortunatly Ive not been able to take Sardoboss bra shopping for a while and I'm really missing it.I am very nervous about going back in the shop though after my last challenge but I'm sure it will be ok! I love buying her new bras but I just wish I could do it more often as she deserves so much more than I can actually give her!

3/13/2013 3:00:39 PM
I had a chat with Sardoboss tonight in which she said she had a spy watching me do my challenge.I don't know if she did or not but the assistant in the shop remembered Sardoboss name so maybe it was her who was the spy.Anyway she wanted to make sure I went through with the challenge but to be honest there was no way that I wouldn't have done it and she knows this.Im lucky to be allowed to buy her new bras and she accepts me for who I am.I just wish I could buy her more bras and hopefully in the future get to touch her breasts again!

3/13/2013 5:07:52 AM
Today Sardoboss set me a challange to go into the bra shop we usually visit.She wanted me to find the knickers to go with the bra I bought her and take a photo with me holding the knickers with the assistant in there! Sardoboss knows that Ive have got a bit of crush on one of the assistants there so she made me check to see if she was but I thought she wasn't and I was a bit gutted! I went in very nervous and hung around till it was quiet then asked the assistant to help me.I had started to tell her what I wanted to do when suddenly my favourite assistant appeared and I got very excited.My favourite assistant recognised me and I asked her if she could help me.I told her what I wanted to do but she told me that she couldn't do it due to marketing etc.I was so nervous that I said it was ok but then I suddenly said could I buy her new bras.She was so nice and said she had a boyfriend who wouldn't be happy with it.I apologised to her and left feeling so humilated!

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