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Lesbian Female Submissive, 36,  Cambridge, United Kingdom
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PainSlutLois - photo 1

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Ever since I was 18 and got both of my nipples pierced on a whim I have been into the scene to a more or lesser degree. I have in fact tried on several occasions to extricate myself from it but have failed miserably because, I have come to discover, it is part of who I am.

I love pain and am fairly extreme in what I enjoy, I also love to be humiliated. Not so much publically humiliated as this side of my personality is a secret from almost everyone I know, but I love being forced, or told to do things that I find humiliating or disgusting or degrading. I enjoy the feeling of shame that it brings me when I think about what a sick slut I must be to do these things to please someone else or just to simply get myself off.

I am owned and in a committed relationship so am just on hereto make new friends and talk to like minded people, its nice to do when you have almost no-one in rl who would understand.

My profile has my orientation down as lesbian, I had it as Bi at first which is technically true but I have found setting it as lesbian has stemmed the tsunami of messages that headed my way as soon as I signed up! I actually like sex with men, like playing with men, I just like playing with women more and much prefer the company of other women.











 Submissive Female


 United Kingdom

 5' 8"






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Female

Submissive Female


 Lives For:


 Canes and Crops


 Fine Dining





 Breast Play



 Electrical Play

 Rear End Play


 Hair Pulling



 Mental Bondage

 Modern Primitivism




 Wax Play




 Art Galleries

 Bar Hopping


 Coffee Shops


 Musical Theater



 Body Worship



 G-spot Stimulation

 Being Massaged

 Erotic Hypnosis

 Erotic touch

 Fire Play

 Massage (Giving)

 Medical fetish play

 Obedience Training

 Outdoor Bondage

 Plastic Wrap Bondage

 Sensory Play


 Suspension Bondage

 Vacuum Stimulation




 Intellectual Discourse





 Corner Time


 Eye Contact Restrictions

 Sensation Play

 Maid / Butler Service

 Curious About:



 Orgasm Control


 Pony/Puppy Roleplay

 Public Play

 Rubber Fetish

 Speech Restrictions




 Paranormal Phenomena


 The Occult


 Going to the Opera



 Foot Worship

 Gas Masks

 Housework Service

 Masks (Wearing)

 Masks on Partner





 Computer Expert

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Journal Entries:
11/10/2016 3:55:32 AM
As I climbed into the taxi I subtly pulled the back of my dress up so that when I sat down my bare ass went directly onto the seat rather than resting on my clothing, just as I had been told to. It felt dirty, putting my most intimate parts against that seat that had been sat on by an large number of strangers, it was a turn on. Fiona leaned over and kissed me deeply and passionately for a good ten seconds before sitting back down and saying “hi”. I glanced at the drivers mirror and saw him watching and blushed as he looked away and set off towards our destination.


7/20/2016 8:16:16 AM
We left the bar after just the one drink (she was driving) and headed back to the car. We drove in silence for a couple of minutes during which I ran over the kiss in my mind and then I involuntarily giggled! I looked up at her but she didn’t react, except for a small smile in the corner of her lips, then she placed her hand on my knee and slid it slowly up my leg pushing my dress up until the side of her hand was resting at the crease between my inner thigh and my pussy, I made no move to stop her, I was so wet.


7/12/2016 5:14:19 AM
She was wearing a dark red lip stick and simple but dark make up which only served to emphasise her eyes. She wore a tight black dress that ended just above her knees and was almost met by her knee high boots, barely any skin on show but she still looked very sexy. Suffice to say I was impressed when we met but as I’ve said many times looks are far from the top of my list of perfect partner traits.


6/20/2016 8:36:40 AM
I quite like the feeling at first, as the liquid begins to flow, its certainly an odd sensation but two litres is quite a lot. It took a few minutes for the majority of the liquid to go into me and then I squeezed the bag and the tube to make sure it was all inside before I removed the nozzle and quickly pushed the plug in ignoring the pain of my ass stretching around it.


6/14/2016 8:59:30 AM
Eight hours is a looooong time to hold any enema, never mind a large one so by the end I would be in a lot of pain from severe cramping and whatever other discomfort it produces. So then I thought it would be interesting to be in bondage for the whole time as well, maybe somewhere uncomfortable like my garden shed overnight, I’ve done bondage in the shed before and have eyelets mounted around it for bondage.


6/10/2016 2:51:51 AM
I sat on the bed and strapped my black leather cuffs around my ankles and then wrists and then laid the toys out neatly on the desk including the key to a padlock, then as it was nearly time I knelt on the floor with my feet together and my knees apart and threaded the padlock through the rings on both ankle cuffs. To make sure I definitely wouldn’t see the person who was going to be playing with me I had purchased some adhesive eye patches so I peeled those off and, looking in the mirror, placed them over my eyes and over them put on the eye mask style velvet blindfold I had brought. Finally, with much more difficulty than I had anticipated, threaded the rings from the cuffs onto the padlock and clicked it shut. In the process I really hurt my shoulder so was in pain before it even started!


5/20/2016 8:29:47 AM
I took a quick look around to make sure no one was there and then I knelt on the floor and reached up to unbutton his grubby jeans. He made no effort to help or hinder me, he simply placed his hands on the wall and bin and watched me as unfastened the button and pulled the zip down. He wasn’t wearing underwear and there was an immediate smell of…well I don’t know how to describe it, it was just a dirty unwashed smell. I reached in and pulled out his semi erect cock which wasn’t huge but wasn’t small either, it was clearly unclean though.


4/2/2015 3:37:49 PM
== Results from == 100% Bondage Receiver 100% Masochist 100% Submissive 96% Degradation Receiver 96% Experimentalist 96% Slave 82% Brat 76% Voyeur 74% Primal (Prey) 66% Girl/Boy 50% Exhibitionist 45% Non-monogamist 44% Pervert 34% Primal (Predator) 25% Bondage Giver 18% Vanilla 13% Daddy/Mommy 0% All-Rounder 0% Brat Tamer 0% Degradation Giver 0% Dominant 0% Master/Mistress 0% Sadist 0% Switch See my results online at

10/18/2013 3:33:23 PM

Prepare for a little bit of a rant here, I’ve got a bit of a bee in my bonnet about this at the moment!

A disclaimer first, this isn’t intended to offend anyone, the people that I talk to on chat and email I talk to because I enjoy interacting with them and it is the only real interaction with the BDSM community that I get so I do treasure it dearly.

However, when talking to a Dominant my natural position is not to expect to be spoken to like an equal...


10/17/2013 3:50:09 AM

I’ve had a lot of questions recently about what it is like to wear this infernal chastity belt for so long so I thought I would just write a short post about it.


The belt is all metal, very close-fitting as it was made to measure and for the most part reasonably comfortable. I say “comfortable” but it is a rigid piece of metal that runs from my back between my ass cheeks, through my legs and up over my pubic bone to meet a horizontal piece that goes around my waist just above my hips.



5/8/2013 4:32:09 PM
Now I am single I don't have so much "fun" if you know what I mean? But I do have some, this is an account of a session I had with a Dom I met online... More:

11/25/2012 8:52:59 AM

A couple of weeks ago I asked for another set of numbers for the dice game and Simon was first to roll them for me, the numbers he got were 4, 5, 5, 5 & 3 which translates to game 4, wear normal clothes with the addition of a ball gag and have my arms cuffed around an immovable object in a cellar for 30 minutes.



11/14/2012 7:54:50 AM

I knelt in front of the door, spread my knees a little and then put the blindfold on casting me into completely blackness, it is a very good blindfold. Then I knocked once on the door and quickly folded my arms behind my back in the way that Mistress likes, pushing my shoulders back and my breasts out.



9/17/2012 3:55:30 PM

I have been into BDSM actively for approximately ten years to varying degrees and before that I was interested in it but didn’t really know what it was or why I had the thoughts I had. I have learnt over those ten years that I am a masochist, defined as “someone who obtains pleasure from receiving punishment”, and above all other things that has been the guiding principle of my BDSM life up to this point, or in fact I should say up until 361 days ago.



9/11/2012 1:12:13 PM

The plug that I chose is 2.5″ wide and is not easy for me to get in, I have a reasonably tight ass despite the use it has been put to over the years! After having a shower I used some lube on the plug and then placed it on the floor and squatted over it, I reached behind me and pulled my ass cheeks apart and positioned myself so that the cold tip touched my hole. Then I pushed down, hard!



7/15/2012 11:11:28 AM

I came across a post on somebody else’s blog where they had altered a childhood game to make it more interesting in an adult setting! The game involves taking a die throwing it four times so that you end up with four numbers one to six,  beforehand through you assign something to each number for each roll.



7/5/2012 8:19:02 AM

It was the last day of my punishment and I as I’d said in my last post I was REALLY ready for it to be over and I had definitely learned my lesson, no more lies! I’d like to say this is just for moral reasons but in actual fact it’s just not worth another week like that to keep ANYTHING from her!



6/4/2012 5:55:41 PM

She started to take off her jacket and I helped her, her fingers were already inside me as I pulled the zip down the side of her dress and helped it slide to the floor. She was wearing some gorgeous lingerie which I bought for myself and worn to her flat the night that she made me stand in the corner all night, apparently when she didn’t give it back to me she had claimed it for herself!



5/25/2012 11:55:53 PM

When I got into the bedroom she had moved the dog cage into the middle of the rom at the foot of the bed, I crawled over to her and it. She squatted down and gave me a deep and passionate kiss that lasted a good minute and made me wet, the she said “In”.



5/23/2012 9:21:43 AM

I’ve had my toy chest for several years, it’s a black leather trunk like the one pictured above. It is a 2×1 foot rectangle and about a foot high, has a locking latch on the front and lives at the bottom of my walk in wardrobe, which sounds fancy but is basically just a small closet where I keep my clothes…and toys!



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