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Hey! Hey!I would love to find a man who i can be happy with. I am CD and want everyone to know
Gay Transgender Dominant, 35,  Chicago, Illinois
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 6' 0"

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Hey! Hey!I would love to find a man who i can be happy with. I am CD and want everyone to know. I do shave all over and i like to be pleasured by men pampered by men in the bed. I mostly like muscular taller guy because i am tall too specially with high heels. I like to wear lingerie and i like to tease men makes me feel feminine. Love when someone is kissing my feet and my body all over. My clitty is not that big and i am uncut so it s really like a bigger clitty but i do want someone with an oral fixation cuz i like to get it sucked. I usually dont let anybody fuck me i am very tight. On the other hand I love my ass worshiped. To summ up i would like to find someone who is ok with me being pleasured by his mouth and not receive any pleasure back. I also appreciate everybody s attention and i do feel flattered but men with girlfriends and wife probably should not contact me because i would like to find something long-term and i dont wanna invest any time in someone who is not even available. So let me know what you think about it.
The reason why I am here is because I would like to find something long term that ideally leads to marriage, but I do like to get to know someone first and not just jump into things. I like a guy who has his head on his shoulders, who likes to play the leader role in a relationship, who is the do-er and who needs a support person to achiever his goals. I would be more than happy to come up with ideas on the sensual side of the relationship or create programs to spend time together. Id like to think I have the imagination, I just need someone to help me manifest all of it). In other words I like a masculine guy who is classy, muscular, tall or taller than me (but not a deal breaker) who is the corporate type or jock type, who needs someone to balance out that part of his life.
I do like a guy who is into sports, but just to put it out there, I dont really know anything about sports, but I find it attractive when a man is passionate about something. So if you wanna sit and watch football for hours on a Sunday morning I am totally ok with it as long as I can go and do my own stuff. I feel that it is unhealthy for couples to spend 247 together all the time. So, if you have a high demanding job or requires a lot of travel, I totally understand as long as I know I can count on you. At the same time I wanna be there for you when you need someone also. Basically I think its important to balance each other out.
I have about 15 pictures here in this profile, so please dont ask me for more specially if you dont have any in your profile. In the case you dont please attach one with your first email. I also have Kik or Hangouts if you are interested talking to me outside of this site. Please understand that I have a lot of people reaching out to me, so sending endless emails back and forth will be ingnored. I like when a guy makes the first step, so if you leave your ID in your first email your message will be priority.
If you think something in here sounds like it might make sense to connect, I know you will reach out.

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