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**Now booking incall sessions in Chicago, in addition to outcall**- I am a professional, not l
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**Now booking incall sessions in Chicago, in addition to outcall**- I am a professional, not looking for play. If I enjoy your sessions, I may consider you for personal service, when appropriate. I can be flexible, if you aren't a time-wasting flake. 

Light play gets My creative juices flowing, and heavy shit makes Me tingle. I enjoy seedy motels, the dregs of society, living on the edge, and being worshipped. Knives, torture devices, fire, NLP, hypnotism, public play, AB/DL, bizarre fetishes, heavy pain, extreme degradation, these are all delightful for Me. I can accommodate easier introductory sessions, as well, however. NO penetrative services. NO sexual contact.

I specialize in micro-management, schedules, goals, financial analysis, and other types of finslavery. I accept BTC, as well. Findom and surveillance are My things. 

Transformation is My goal. Catharsis. Metamorphosis. Change.

If you mention sex, I will break your fingers. I am a true, hardcore, dyed-in-the-wool Sadist. I employ skillful use of old torture methods when applicable, and I enjoy a screamingly sensational session. 

I go to extreme measures to protect the privacy of My clients, as well as Myself. As a result, you cannot acquire My phone number and then expect to be able to trace Me, as My phone bill is paid by a submissive, with whom I have no electronic contact. My client lists and information are encrypted, and under no circumstances do I disclose information to law enforcement or government employees. I am a firm believer in confidentiality and privacy, well-versed in intelligence measures and investigation practices.

More importantly, I have a website. Google Me.

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8/9/2016 4:17:35 PM
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7/30/2016 7:32:41 PM
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5/17/2016 6:03:41 AM
In any relationship, BDSM or otherwise, a dance takes place. This sort of dance may be singularly beneficial, separate but equally beneficial, toxic (to one or both, multiplicative or otherwise), or synergistic. The goal of a BDSM relationship, as well as a vanilla one, should be synergy. 

To start, synergy is not some sort of "woo" term with metaphysical underpinnings. It's not what powers the imaginary Illuminati. It isn't the stuff Jesus is made of; it's a concrete principle. Simply put, it is "the creation of a whole that is greater than the simple sum of its parts." The term synergy comes from Greek, and it means "working together." Two things, in this case adult humans with moral agency, merge to make a greater impact than they otherwise would separately. This all sounds well and good, right?

In practice, it's much harder. If you enter into the equation the fear that we will be hurt, I'd wager that most adults in America do not tell even their loved ones how they truly feel about them. They don't give out loud every compliment which enters into their head about someone, even when that someone desperately wants to hear it. When a relationship is more "safe" (i.e. less to lose, ultimately), it's easier and easier. Walking up to a stranger and saying "that's a nice car" is far more easy than telling your wife that you find it enchanting when she sings at the top of her lungs, wild-eyed, passionate. You might not even appreciate that aspect of her personality. Now, add into that lossy equation a marginalized minority of people with non-traditional (often taboo) forms of relating to each other and it can be quite difficult for a submissive to say "Goddess, even when you're being hard on yourself, I appreciate even the tiniest things about You." 

And so it begins. The Dominant feels a slave is waning in their appreciation, perhaps an ebb rather than a flow, so they start to recoil. When they rescind their affections or severity (whichever had been preferred until that point) the slave goes into panic mode and wonders what they've done wrong. Quite often this results in a slave who is unable to guess what they might have done, and then they start to be more critical of the Dominant, thinking They aren't as great as they'd once believed. This starts to dissolve the very root of their union. Honeymoon periods are always effortless and beautiful - it is the carving of the bond into stone that is far more painful and laden with labor-related injuries. 

How can we survive this period, and achieve synergy? The answer seems reductive, it's so simple:

Look at each other with artist's eyes. 

This is not a flowery, clickbait solution. Looking at the art created throughout history in honor of a beloved significant other, we see countless and exhaustive examples of the microscopic level of attention to detail and observation. From songs that feature The Doors pondering rhetorically, "Don't ya love her madly/Wanna be her daddy/Don't ya love her face/Don't ya love her as she's walkin' out the door" and of course a quirky and specific jam by The Butchies, singing "She’s a rocker dressed like a killer/she’s got lips like wine not sugar" it is evident that song lyrics are often very specific about certain things that we would generally miss if we were just observing someone we love in a neutral setting. In the poem She Walks In Beauty, George Gordon Byron tells of his love, "She walks in Beauty, like the night/Of cloudless climes and starry skies;/And all that's best of dark and bright/Meet in her aspect and her eyes". 

Short of composing lyrics and poetry, how can we incorporate these appreciation exercises into our lives? A Dominant must examine exactly what makes a slave unique. Each human, despite attempts at the opposite, is an individual with thousands of snowflake characteristics. A slave is no different! They are beautifully vulnerable creatures, with a desire to serve and give in the most selfless way they can, often losing their own identity to lift up Yours. What do We appreciate most about them? Be sure to inspect each thing, from their communication style, to the habits they retain when behaving toward us - their appearance, their smell, their humor, their resilience, their commitment to Us, how carefully and thoughtfully they tend to Our needs. Do they keep picking themselves up after they falter? Will they always strive to give you the most and serve you the best? 

And slaves: your Dominant is an intense force with extreme responsibility riding on their shoulders. Micromanaging the life of an entire other human and putting aside all conventions about how NOT to treat someone because it is socially unacceptable is a very heavy thing. Being thought of and regarded as a Monster is rarely fun for anyone, even Dominants. But this is the sort of stereotype they face, and they persevere. What do you appreciate most about Them? Be sure to take everything into consideration: their complex methods for solving problems, the seemingly effortless way in which they punish, love, or communicate, how they feel to lay against, the sort of comfort they may give you, how secure or protected you are. Have you thought of everything? What about their encouraging words? The softened edges of tenderness even when severity strikes? The lack of generic behavior and customizing each interaction to be unique and beautiful? 

Instead of commercializing your response, it is best to personalize it. Remember, you aren't showing or telling the other party how YOUR love is present, it is about them. How do they "hang the moon" in your eyes? Lift each other up, instead of chipping away with critical nitpicking. Of course there is a time and place for language that is generally considered to be humiliating ("you're such a dirty little whore" during sex, for example), but there must be an underlying tone of adoration, or at the very least appreciation, or resentment will build. 

Once this relationship pattern has been established, synergy can begin to build. Has Your little adult baby been talking about going back to the gym? Needing to shave their face and keep up more with their grooming? Has the Dominant love of your life mentioned that they want to take more risks in order to grow in their Professional practice? Encouragement, praise, practical offers of help, and being a cheerleader is part of the synergy process. Remember that a person may be fine on their own, but two heads can definitely be better than one. All the total experience, knowledge, wisdom, and troubleshooting of not one life, but two: there's value in that! Why else should people enter into relationships? So that they have another person to whom they must be accountable? Just a frivolous witness to stick by their side in the absence of more involved friendships? These are not the goals of a relationship in the beginning, and they should never become them once the relationship matures. Complacency is to be rejected in favor of construction. It is better to build the tallest building in the world than to walk around a construction site kicking dirt and debris for 50 years. 

3/15/2016 6:32:28 PM
As I've mentioned before, the goal of My sessions is to elicit a powerful moment. A catharsis, or at the very least, a wave of emotions -- all in the context of underlying nurturance. So, what is nurturance, and how is it applicable to BDSM? 

Nurturance is emotional or physical care and nourishment of someone who, for the purposes of this post, is usually in a vulnerable position. It is an idea that has gained traction in popular blog posts, such as this one, The Opposite of Rape Culture is Nurturance Culture.

Most of the time, nurturance takes the form of aftercare in BDSM. Aftercare is a well-known concept in our lifestyle: "Emotional safety may be more complicated for clients to assess for themselves. Some clients derive great sexual pleasure and emotional release from experiencing difficult emotions in a controlled, eroticized environment with a cherished other. However, this can become unsafe if a client's emotional triggers or past traumas are activated during the play. An important aspect of emotionally safe BDSM play is 'aftercare,' the practice of nurturance, cuddling, and debriefing after the play 'scene' is completed. For some, aftercare may be the difference between a satisfying, connecting erotic experience and one that feels traumatic and hurtful." (Hinman, 2013)

When an emotionally significant event occurs, there is a large degree of vulnerability on the part of the submissive. They are sometimes "giving up" their manly, stoic, unemotional exterior, and exploring their deep feelings. Not just sexual arousal "feelings", they're processing and making vulnerable a part of themselves that is not easy to accept. Just as it may be far more difficult for a man to shed tears than to punch someone in the face, lowering the walls and being overtaken by emotion is a scary possibility for many people. And in BDSM, that's exactly where you stand. In effect, you are physically coerced into emotional output. It's injury, but not harm: this is done with the support and nurturance of a Domme with whom you are sessioning. Or, at least, it should be.

So, what does aftercare look like? Very similar to any sort of nurturance of a vulnerable person: It can be as simple as listening to the submissive's feelings, or it can be as complex as arranging a specific set of goods and items for comfort and safety. It begins when the session ends, and ending the scene gently is key. Turning off lights, fading music, and gentle words. Asking how the scene went for them, and how it could be different. Since body temperatures change with psychological events, a blanket may be warranted. A warm shower and gauzing, if necessary. Having an open Q&A is highly suggested. 

Even after arriving home, aftercare may continue on a submissive's desire: "... some people find that assembling 'aftercare supplies' helps them continue to land gently after they arrive home. Relaxing music, comfort objects, scented candles, bubble baths, favorite books or movies, incense, and other forms of self-pampering serve to continue to remind people that they are special and cared for, allowing them to bask in the gradually fading fires of their flight into subspace." (Dexter, 2012)

While it is not necessary for a Pro-Domme to provide aftercare for a submissive, if I were to suggest one very important thing to consider when selecting someone to session with, it would be whether or not she provides aftercare. The providing of nurturance and safety indicates respecting personal boundaries, as well, and is another layer added to a good BDSM session. The fact that a Domme understands that she is setting up an important emotional event and is willing to guide a submissive through it is always a good sign. If you encounter a Domme who seems unwilling or unable to provide the level of aftercare you may need, rather than trying to convince her, reconsider if she is the right Domme for you. 


Hinman, M. (2013) Understanding Clients with Alternative Expressions of Sexuality Using Music. In Expressive Therapies for Sexual Issues: A Social Work Perspective pp. 142-143 (S. Loue, Ed.). New York, NY: Springer.

Dexter, D. (2012, January 29). BDSM 101: Subspace, Aftercare, and Sub-drop (and sometimes Top-drop) [Web log post]. Retrieved from

12/4/2015 8:16:18 AM
There are a few things you need to know, regarding a session with Me.

First, never understate any of your experience. Don't exaggerate either, but it is especially important that you state how much experience you have, in a direct fashion (so I know). Otherwise, I will conduct the session at an introductory-ish level of intensity, rather than pushing and stretching your limits. The goal is to meet and exceed your level. 

Second, sessions act as a barometer for your niche in BDSM. There will always be room to grow, but it is integral to find your identity. Let My professional help aid you in your journey. Exploration and establishing are necessary.

Third, do not be afraid to do two things: get into it on a serious level (allowing yourself to be hypnotically focused), and "beg" to change the course of the session if you are unable to get deeply into the activity at hand.  

Taking into account each of these things will guarantee an excellent time with Me or most professionals. Even if you cannot session with Me, it is important that you follow these instructions. 

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