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I was 13 when a bully pushed me around, i mouthed back, but i'm small and he easily over power
Gay Male Slave, 25,  Maryland
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I was 13 when a bully pushed me around, i mouthed back, but i'm small and he easily over powered me.  When on the floor He put his dirty beat up combat boot on my chest.  He then started talking to his buddys all laughing, pushing hard enogh to keep me there more when I struggled. His boot endded up on my throat doing same.  Finally he asked me if I knew how to act around him, i mouthed off again and he moved his boot to my mouth/face.  He then pushed hard enough that I could not talk just mumble.  THey all howled.  Finally he said now be a good boy and if i wanted up to lick his boot. I struaggled and he pushed harder.  FInally i mummbled ook.  So he lifted his boot an inch over my face.  Said lick it. I took a touch of my tongue to his boot sole.  He then said, I said lick it.  So i took a long lick over his sole.  All the guys screamed with laughter.  He then simple stepped on my chest and walked over me and away  not looking back.   I was mad, crying, upset, but could not stop thinking aobut it. and then about 3 weeks later could not stande it anymore and started looking for him and his buddys.  I'd even agitate things to get bullied again, and if it was only verbal or a push, i'd even mouth off to him about his nasty boots (guess I was smarter than strong. :) )  and h ow gross they were to refresh his memory how much he liked having them licked.  Over time,  i was pretty much just bowing licking  his and some of his buddys and others shoes and boots at the order and snap of a finger.  Bare feet was not until a few of them just started using me reg as a dog or servant or flunky. 



Who knew there were so many bdsm people in Ghana, and these third world counties.  Confusses a puppy.  LOL after many thoughtful messages from men. I was being sarcastic, i know the ghana things are scamers and spamers.  Thanks for trying to be helpful thought.
  i have experiance as a pup, object; esp footstool, table, more..., houseboy, servant, footslave, and other slave duties and tendancies.

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6/4/2011 3:18:24 AM

One guy in highschool who hunted a lot wore big old dirty boots all the time, would have me remove his boots and stick my face inside and then place his socked foot on top my head. He liked seeing his boot bellow in and out with my breathing, telling me the air i need ot live is coming from his foot air. also breathing thru his socked foot placed firmly over my face. I got to the point with him that by the smell inside his boots or socks I could tell him about how long he had worn the boots that day. Also, if i got to serving him and he already had his footwear off I had to be able to tell him which shoe boot he was wearing based on theh smell of his socks

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