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I am a sensual Dom.I am into all things sensual and pleasing.I do however enjoy Bondage,Playfu
Hetero Male Dominant, 53,  Montgomery, Alabama
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I am a sensual Dom.I am into all things sensual and pleasing.I do however enjoy Bondage,Playful king,and all things Sensual.I do not use any drugs .I do however enjoy a good glass of wine or other fine spirits.I enjoy stimulating conversation .

I enjoy being outdoors and traveling. I love to cook out on the grill. I enjoy listening to good music. I also enjoy a quiet evening at home. I always treat my lady with respect and I am always protective over her. I am always a gentleman and treat her like a lady. In he bedroom (or whichever room we may be in) is a completely different story .

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9/19/2017 2:16:33 PM
I just have to laugh when I get blocked by someone. No rhyme or reason as to why.

11/15/2016 2:08:31 PM
 I have to say that I get a "kick" out of all of these little "Fin Dommes" that have been popping up on here lately. Most of the 21-30 something "Millenials" who are still living with Mommy and Daddy and cant pay their student loans because they are working at McDonald's or Starbuck's and went to school for some degree that was not Rocket Scientist or Plastic Surgeon. Do they think there are there really people out there tht would give them their hard earned money to go go on shopping sprees at the GAP, Victoria 's Secret, or even Wal-Mart.
  How the Hell can anyone successfully Dominate someone who is older than them when they are not even half of their age or have even lived half of what someone else has. What the fuck is up with that?

7/28/2013 4:39:05 PM

So I finally decided to give you all a little insight to me and I post a "skin" picture of myself.This is My tattoo of "My Silent Partner" .He is always at my side with sword poised to strike out and protect Me and those around me.

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