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+ Before You Read Any Further +-------------------------------------A lot of the situations th
Hetero Male Dominant, 51,  Mobile, Alabama
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MISTRESSMISSN sherrislave2blks

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 Dominant Male



 Willing to Relocate

 6' 2"

 275 lbs


 African Descent



Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

Switch Women

Dom/Domme Couples

Sub/Sub Couples

Friends Only


+ Before You Read Any Further +
A lot of the situations that you'll read about below, are things that people have desired or discussed. Everyone is different, so once we've discussed� your "Likes & Limits", I'll get a better feel of your (true) needs.��

But, be honest with Yourself 1st, because once you've commited yourself,� you'll have to see it through, until the end....�SD

Beyond this door, none but the Brave.

Pain is the great equalizer, yet nothing truly equals it. It rules with FEAR and conditions your mind to reach beyond, it's normal state. Once one has learned to transcend the initial Pain, they have conquered themselves.

~ Pain seperates the Weak from the Strong and all that lies in between is Fear ~

About Me:

Sadistically speaking - Pain is the great equalizer and it never fails to bring forth, the desired results. I thrive on seeing you wreathing in pain. The look on your face as you are crying in agony or about to break, only makes me smile devilishly. Pain controls everything from your Breathing, to your Brain activity.

I enjoy such control. When I'm ready to take you - ANY� hole will do. I'm not concerned with what you DON'T do. Your limits (once discussed) will never come up again, in our conversations.

My main focus will be YOU.
While, I'm not one to discuss - "What I'll be doing to you" - I will say this, my Program "will change your life".

One part Mental, one part Physical, and one part Courage (your part). Good luck.

I'm not into the Superficial (looks), it's not about that for me. Your brain only registers, what your eyes see. With a Blindfold on, it keeps you in the state-of-mind, that I want you in - Open to whatever comes your way. I want to take away superficial things and replace them with something (pain) that will keep your mind "centered" on me.

The only "Switches" that I play with, come off a tree. There is no role-reversals here. Trying to Dom-from-the-bottom, will only make your bottom, hurt (more).

As with any deviant desire, you will seek me out and when you do, pray that you have what it takes to finish a session with me. If a session is an Hour, expect to give me an hour of your time. No Phones or phone calls during a session. Failure to heed this will only add more pain to the process.

While, the main goal is to find that true sub, we have to be honest with ourselves and know, that subs are the most fickle people in the world. But not with me. I don't take NO for an answer, as I won't be "asking" you to do anything (that you truly, don't wanna do). But you must keep in mind, that you came to me for a "Specific" purpose and until that purpose is met, there will be NO reasons that you could give me, that would make me change what will happen to you.


There will only be (3) choices that you will make, once you've come to me -

#1- that you choose me to discipline you

#2 - (If you choose to stay) - After the door closes behind you - 

YOU belong to me (Period!)



a) You do not speak, unless you are told to do so

b) You do not move, unless you are told to do so

All Question that you now think of, should have been asked before that door closed.
If you need to know anything, know that you are safe with me.


#3- (If you choose to leave) - There will be NO returns in the future, as someone else, will ALWAYS take your place. Life will go on, but YOUR life, will remain just another mouse-click, searching for something you only THINK  that you want, but will never do.

As they say - "You don't get a 2nd chance to make a 1st impression" and your leaving, will show the impression you were trying to make - that you possess Coward-like tendencies. There are no "Do Overs". You'll live your life talking about what you "should have" done, knowing you (truly) lack the guts to do anything about it. The only time I will see you again, is to beat your ass again.


"Power concedes nothing without demand. It never did and it never will." - FD

Like so many, you've chosen to call this lifestyle your own.
Yet, you don't have the true dedication, to become that, which you crave.
You lay in your bed at night, with you hand deep down between your legs (hoping)
that someone will come and make you do, all those nasty little things, you constantly see in pictures on the internet. 


You live in a pathetic little world, where you long to answer e-mails from others like yourself, who "write the words", masturbate to the pics, but are too afraid to "step-up" and challange their fears. This works for you, because you feel SAFE here and you can stop when your wrist hurts or your fingers cramp. There is no one standing over your making you continue or completing the task at hand, until HE is satisfied.


 In reality, you know that, until you conquer those fears, will you truly know what it feels like, to be alive. Weakness "cheapens" true desires or fulfillment, because  you'll  cheat everyone involved, out of any real enjoyment, that you may ultimately receive. I won't let you do that to yourself and definitely, not to me. 


I've heard people tell me that I scare them; to them I say "Good", it's no fun for� me, if you're not scared. FEAR is an integral part of knowing that you're still alive.

To you, I'm that:


- Free-fall Bongee jump with the frayed cord

- Extreme Rollercoaster ride - where your safety latch suddenly loses a bolt

- Stranger walking down the same darkened street, where no one can hear you scream, if you had to

in short, I'm here, to make you feel alive again.

I'm not interested in your everyday life, because regardless of who you are� or what you do - you have a "Kink" - a certain itch�that needs scratching from time to time.

If you're in a position of Power, you�need to know how to gravel and beg to someone who could give a sh#t about "HOW MUCH $$ YOU MAKE or YOUR STANDING IN THE COMMUNITY"� - your ass burning or the tears streaming down your face, is where you'll begin to impress me. You’ll crawl to me and for me, whenever I wanna watch you move.

Regardless of your title at work, here you start at the bottom and will rise no higher than your knees. I slap everything from faces, to breasts, and balls. Don't think that you'll have it easier if you're some pretty, sexy female, either.

You'll look like a Raccoon when I'm through with you. I'm not trying to make a "Love Connection" (save that sh%t for E-Harmony or  I’m doing what I love, because I love to do it.

In a nutshell, I'm here to OUT YOU IN YOUR PLACE. Now, if that entails - BEATING YOUR  ASS, then, so be it.  I don't care Who you are or whatever else you might think you want, the agenda doesn't change - I only interested in "breaking your will" and� seeing what you're made of.� (If you don't cry, I haven't done my job). I've made MEN cry, so don't think I'll be any easier on you (females).

I'll beat Couples too, but don't come to me with that "Steven Spielberg-syndrome" - where the male wants to Direct� how the action should go. Subs STAY subs around me.

If I'm beating Your ass, there's not much you can say to me (especially, with a well-placed gag). All you can do for me, is to stick your ass out a little further, so I'll hit my mark, and try not to CRY in front of your woman.

While, we won't be hanging out in the clubs (I save my energy for more worthwhile things), I do know a number of (secluded) spots around town where I can take you and tie you to something and no one will hear me beating your ass�or you screaming.

Perhaps a late-night stroll with you�crawling on your knees�in the desert sand, right before I beat that ass�with you tied to a chain-link fence.�Or tie you to my fender and paddle your ass, with my highbeams on, as I stand on the hood and begain pissing in your face & head.

That's about as "cozy" as I wanna get with someone.�HUMILIATION is the name of my �game and if you can play it well, I'll keep you around� much longer.  Ask this certain female who was into "Puppy Play" how the people at TGIFriday's �looked at her, as I scraped her food in the "Doggy Dish" I brought with me, just�for her.

Food on one side,�Water �on the other. She wasn't allowed to use her hands. Later when she had to go to the bathroom, I took her into the bushes outside and let her do "her business" (which I picked up with a plastic bag and made her take it home).

Lucky for her she had on a UNLV T-shirt and many people thought it was some type of "initiation" and in a sense, it was. I respected her for going through with it and she respected me more, for NOT letting her back out of it. Something I'll NEVER let you do, so� be careful of what you�WISH for.

*   Because some fantasies might just come true.




Pussy Torture

Tit Torture 

Anal Torture 


Being Degraded
Breath Play
Verbal humiliation
Physical humiliation
Genital torture
Sensory deprivation
Knife play
Needle play
Hot wax
Slapping the face
Hair pulling
Breast/Nipple Torture


Pussy/Anal Stretching


(By Request Only)


Kidnapping - �** (Catch-U-Later)

Rape - �** - (Bring some extra clothes to wear home)

Torture�- (Entails Bruising)

Gangbang�- (A "Tag-team" Sport)

"Doggie" style (K + 9 = U)

HOSTAGE -��(Fri - Sun)�

....and any other Nasty thing you've fantasized about having done to you.

(You will be released on Sunday night)




Ideal Person:

a) Someone who wants to have their body USED & ABUSED and goes back to being "themselves" again (after we're done).

b) Someone who craves the lifestyle, but can also seperated their daily life from their DARK SIDE. 


c) Someone who can reach orgasim, through  PAIN & HUMILIATION.


Is this you?

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Journal Entries:
7/7/2011 11:32:12 PM

Someone sent this to me - 


"Sorry that I "Chickened out" on you. You are VERY Aggressive."


YES, I Am. 


But isn't that why you contacted me in the 1st place? 

YOU contacted ME, not the other way around.


Do you go to the SUPER MARKET  and ask the CASHIER 

"What should I buy"? 


You obviously know what you want before you step in that door.  You may even have a LIST of things you like (just as you've listed Here… on CM).  


99.9% Chicken out when asked 2 call, but what better way 2 let someone Know that you're SERIOUS, than to actually Speak 2 them on the Phone.

They can't see u or touch u, but the connection is the best, because they still get the real U {unless u are a LIAR as well….).


That's what I mean when I say, "People will say all kind of things, that  they Know., they'll NEVER do". So they go back online and try the same routine with someone NEW, someone, who (like them) likes to waste someone else's time.


If you wanna Waste Time, do it somewhere else. If I give u my number & u DON'T call, it let's me know just how Serious u really are. 


I'm like the PIZZA MAN, people who REALLY want some will call, others will just MASTURBATE, Rinse, & Repeat the next night. 


Do u KNOW how many people have my number and NEVER call to 

"follow through" ?


Then they start making up EXCUSES:


a) I can't talk right now


b) My Husband/Wife is at home


c) Can I call u Tomorrow? 

[Especially if they're on a Business trip and they're in a Hotel - Alone].


TOMORROW is not promised to Anyone and certainly NOT to the one who 

"Doesn't Call" …


When it comes to ME - 


If YOU contact ME and tell me that you are SERIOUS about what it is that u 

NEED/DESIRE/CRAVE from me, one of (2) things should happen - 


1) You send me your number to call YOU


2) I'll send you my number to call ME


If one of those things DON"T happen (or you can't muster up the GUTS to make

a simple Phone Call) - Pass me by, and "Keep stepping" !!


Go back to watching PORN online and FANTASIZING about all the  things you don't have the GUTS to do.


If you are coming to town (GEORGIA) or are able to RELOCATE, feel free to 


 (and that's even if you feel that you are "Exceptional" - you should know by now, that means NOTHING to me).



To those who Don't heed this message- 


 I'll be that CASHIER in the Supermarket and  you'll have to PAY ME  CASH $$ 

for all the things you want BEFORE you can RECEIVE, EAT, or  ENJOY  them…





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