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I have a thing for leaving obvious torture scarsas well as for any scars you may already hav
Hetero Male Dominant, 60,  Maryland
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 Dominant Male


 6' 0"

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Submissive Female

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 Auto Mechanic

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 Metalworking Expert

 Woodworking Expert

I have a thing for leaving obvious torture scars
as well as for any scars you may already have.
Into ultra-cruel long term suspension, viciously
tight thin cords/ropes/chains, crucifixion, burns,
heavy beating and whipping with rubber, cable
and barbed whips, torturous dildos, impalement,
insects, outdoor nudity, exhibition, mindfucks,
physical/psychological challenges and many
other perversions.

Like mentoring, training and negotiation. Not at
all limited to one personality type other than not
totally obnoxious. Looking for weight proportional
18+ younger victim. Not looking all that hard.

I am no longer able to host since having to sell
my house in 2012.

In more detail: Very tight and destructive longterm
bondage with thin rope/cord/chain/ wire/handcuffs/
skewers/pliers/clamps/ steel, long hours hanging
upside down by the ankles or toes, also thr Boger
Swing or Parrot's Perch,wrist hanging in handcuffs,
by combinations of limbs, Strappado, weights,
crucifixion, hanging by the tits/labia/clit/tongue with
piercings/clamps and grueling predicaments using
partial suspension. I have a thing for outdoor ordeals
such as whip-driven nude hiking, dropping you off
naked to wander the wilderness alone, abandonment
in bondage, bare feet on sharp rocks, blindfolds,
hobbles, rain, cold, even snow. Forcefeeding rotten
piss, mixed sewage, hot pepper extracts and vomit,
hung upside down dunking in sewage, (aka El
Submarino), oral toilet cleaning.

VERY destructive types of whips such

as metal barbed chain, steel cable,
electric cords and metal tipped spark
plug cables, radio antennas and green
wood switches, flogging and caning
all body parts to the point of deep
scarring, targeting feet and sex organs.
Also have various heavy rubber whips
that are less destructive once severe
damage has been done. I may train
some with rubber whips before getting
into barbs and metal.

Heavy contact burning with cigarettes,
soldering iron, and flame especially
of the feet and genitals, nailing and
skewering tits, nipples, vaginal parts
and tongue including suspension,
impalement on spiked dildo/wood
pony devices, racking,torture of the
face, mouth ears and neck with candle
wax (and possibly cigarettes for some).

Torture with insects and other
disgusting creatures, confinement
in a latrine pit, oubliette or septic
tank, longterm imprisonment totally
nude under brutal, filthy conditions.

Not into drugs or alcohol.



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