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I offer escape and fulfillment to the sub that wears my collar. So close your eyes, relax, sto
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I offer escape and fulfillment to the sub that wears my collar. So close your eyes, relax, stop worrying about future, forget the pains of the past, and remember what you have dreamed. Let me take you into realizing what you wish and become all that you desire, so you can finally find the happiness and release your desires as my submissive. All your worries will end at my door from the home I create for you as my submissive. The bondage I create for my submissive will be physically restricting, yet absolutely mentally freeing!

As a global explorer, which can see from my travel photos, I can give you a variety of ways to be happy and find meaning as I dont limit myself to one view point. I will bring together all you embody to create something unique and special, which will turn you into the perfect puzzle piece that was missing from both our lives. I will frame your life through the structure I give you and happiness we share. The excitement we will create together will be magical... you will have the freedom to just let go. The look in my eyes will be louder than any scream, enough to inspire you to drop to your knees or run and jump to wrap your arms around me in a loving hug.Do you want to find that special affirming intimate bond from a special type of relationship that gives you solace, security and satisfaction? If you said yes then read on, because I will take care of you, guide you, empower you, and nurture you into being the perfect passionate partner... Submission gives you are lease and expression to be whom you really desire to be.The intimacy of a Ds relationship creates a meaningful and beautiful rich depth to life through freeing you from all that holds you back. The kinky passion we share will give your daily life many simple every day pleasures and enable me to take the weight of the world off your shoulders. I want to give your life meaning and explore so many wonderful things, not limit life by making you drone with no freedom, because I want you to be truly happy and free to find the what you have always desired.Let me give you what you have been missing in life I am a young executive who is serious about my career and the goals I have in life, but aside from that I love to laugh and enjoy life! I will use this same dedication to harness and awaken your desires through my bold ways to create within you a vivid passion that makes life meaningful and enjoyable. After 6 years of college, I am done with games and seek a sub to share the world with through a lasting Ds relationship. I am not a dull task master who makes you a drone, but a bold man who gives you a framework to find meaningful happiness and fulfillment as part of a rich relationship. In a relationship I will use kink as a way to keep life fun and fresh, like on a tropical trip or at home for special passion that keeps our life great. I want bondage to be something great that bonds us together through something affirming only we share.I will be proud to have you at my side, to further your identity as a person, and as my collared sub in private. I will have a direct hand in your success from what I create and give you life. It is for this reason you wear my collar... I will have helped mold you into the best person you can be, inside and outside the bedroom. I will surprise you and give you that electric thrill that only comes from a passionate connection through a Ds relationship. I believe in trying something new as a fun way to bold and keep life enjoyable. If you wear my collar your life will never be dull and you can trust in me without fear of being hurt or neglected emotionally. I will command your submission not through intimidation or fear, but because I inspire your submissionfrom within you through the passion we create. I will enjoy all the eyes that will stare at you from how I make you into a beautiful lady with provocative style. There is so much I want to give and share with my lover, with bondage only being one part. I am an intrepid rogue with clear ambition to make the most of life, a man you can commit to and admire, who views BDSM not as a hobby, but an art to creatively unlock your bodys potential to realize the wonderful emotional releases, physical joys and psychological rejuvenation through a lasting Ds relationship.The sub I seek

You need to be honest and have a sincere desire to find a real connection, not trade endless e-mails. I want to challenge and spoil you, so if you cant deal with a man who keeps life exciting, Im not for you. I have discriminating taste and hope to find a special lady to share my life with. I want to take the time to understand you and make you feel cherished. This will not happen overnight and if I do find that spark from a submissive here, I will take the time to show the sincerity of my feelings as I want something substantive, not fling. I am in no rush and want to find a shared authentic connection.True dominance is seeing your own worth your lovers adoring eyes and the submission she freely gives you... I take pride in who I am and want to unlock the potential of a womens body and mind through a Ds relationship, knowing what I sow is harvested in undying loyalty, passion and affection. I want you to look at me overwhelmed with passion So happy to be in the life I created for you Does this sound like you?I will trans you into a classy, yet intriguing lover. However, you must have passion. I dont want an ordinary life, but extraordinary life, with bondage being just one part of the rich life I will give you. I want to surprise my you, keep you on your toes, so you never knows when I will take you into the erotic fire of bondage and use it as a way to bind us in a relationship that has great meaning and fulfillment, be it in the bedroom at home or a stateroom balcony on a Pacific cruise. I will pamper you and punish you to give you the perfect blend of fulfillment as my lover. I am adventurous, but treasure the simple things in life, like a good morning kiss or sharing a laugh after a long day and will share the wonderfully wicked riches of a committed Ds relationship with my special lady. I will crown your daily life with a unique happiness, which only you and I know.As my lover you will give me your submission, because you respect me and enjoy the life I create with you. I want my mom to love you and my business colleagues to lust after you. If you start acting like a rebellious brat, I will take swift action to bring things back into harmony. With my creative soul I will give you more than you can know, even when you are bound head to toe. Under my care, I want to see the sparkle in your eyes, the pep in your step and pride in your passion from all we share...I want to give you freedom to enjoying being a beautiful submissive, yet know you are under my firm care. I want you to be an expert on beauty, make up, fashion, gossip, sensual intrigue, hosting a dinner party, event and whatever hobbies you enjoy. As my lover, men will want you, boys dream of you and the women envy you from the rich life you have, the passion you radiate from our relationship and the meaningful happiness you have in your life. I want to walk with you along the sidewalk on a summers day and hear the clack of your heels as we enjoy a stroll you see my smile and know how proud I am to share my life with you.I want to spark your passion, to ignite your body and soul so you thrive under my guidance. So when you walk into a room, you will have the confidence to own it. I will give you the intense passion that allows you to sit across from me in a room while we have company over, feel my gaze, then when our eyes meet, melting instantly inside, because in one look you know who and what I am to your life. Sharing an intimate connection that allows us to communicate without talking

Because I took the time to understand you, I will know when to push you harder and how to make you truly happy

Journal Entries:
5/9/2017 9:14:25 AM

Submission is a gift a lady gives out of respect. I intend to honor that gift and gild her life with wonder and splendor, yet give a savage thrill through my creativity from how I boldly unlock your mind and body. My captive will delight in the beauty and allure of having a lifestyle that makes life great, so if you are stressed or stuck in maddening traffic, for a smile and clean mental slate you simple think of what we share and the brazen way I made you cum last time you had my collar on to have a better day. A good Dominant, like a businessman is never satisfied with the same plan, which is why I will cherish your submission and draw you deeper than you thought to go into the drawn of a new life as my love that crowns your daily life with a unique happiness, which only you and I know. If you start acting rebellious, I will take swift action to bring things back into harmony. With my creative soul I will give you more than you can know, even when you are bound head to toe. Under my care, I want to see the sparkle in your eyes, the pep in your step and pride in your passion from how I affirm your soul.


With my lady I will intertwine passion and BDSM in a ways that keeps her on her toes, but more importantly gives her fulfillment from a creative mix challenging and pampering you. As a business leader I know how precious time is and why I will always take the time to give sincere attention to my lady. Randomly throughout the month I take my sub into fantasy nights. This could be as simple as laying out a complete outfit you must wear all day and I tease off that night or something vastly more intriguing. You wake up artfully bound, you hear me call in to take a day off from work, and then I kidnap you for a three day weekend adventure to dip you into a world of sin. Spontaneously I will inspire your desire and spark something new with you, to realize what you always wished and more through the freedom of vivid passion.


I am a bold man who is loving, but strict, tender, yet tough, intelligent, yet intoxicatingly intrepid, well-educated, well-hung, who has ambition and drive to take pride in the life I create something fantastic to give a lady, the man she dreamed and freedom to effortlessly be yourself. A man you can commit to and admire, who will creatively unlock your body's potential and realize the wonderful emotional releases, physical joys and psychological rejuvenation through a lasting relationship from my collar.

3/9/2017 8:57:21 AM

Work is great and I am relaunching my website to achieve the next level of success for my business. However, I am disappointed as I had a wonderfully sweet and intelligent message from Fitnessgirl, yet she removed her profile before I could reply. Fitnessgirl hope you rejoin, so we can talk and I can inspire you with my bold creative wit

7/28/2016 6:55:10 AM
My Royal Costume weighs about 47 lbs as it is real armor a prince would wear and want a date for a San Francisco costume ball. So if you want a bold and classy date, message me and through fun see what we find together

10/11/2011 7:46:18 AM



On one trip I will wear my three piece suit and have my dear sub in a high end stylish PVC outfit as we travel and go through European airport. When the airline announces, now seating first class passengers, I will lead my dear sub by the hand to our seats. Sitting in first class, I would enjoy watching all people pass by wondering what is that women wearing… I understand it is not easy to wear PVC for long periods of time and as soon as we got to our resort, we would have a couples massage at the spa. I give you the balance of an educated man with class and the thrilling ecstasy of wicked pleasure through my bold…


You wake up to my slow teasing kiss to welcome you to the morning and then before you know what is going on, I lead you from the bed to the picture window overlooking the beach.


At this picturesque vista window you feel my firm grasp wrap around you and pin you against the window with anticipation beating hard in your chest. A sliver and a shock runs through you as you feel the slip you were wearing ripped from your body. Beautiful in your nakedness, cool ocean air brushes over your skin and need riots through your flesh as your heartbeat is ramped to a fever pitch…


My body traps your heat to the glass as without warning my hot passion penetrates you, and your back arches from the thrill. As I begin a pulsing rhythm with in you, I pull back on your hair and kiss you. My hand slides though your hair, cups your charming face in my palm and melt you with my kiss. My embrace binds us together into a greater intimacy…


With each thrust I make your breasts explode against the window for all to see. I make your body a shrine our passion and build you to a level of pleasure you never knew existed…


A surge of raw heat and joy sweeps through your soul as you cried out in pleasure… You are taken by molten wave ecstasy as you find fulfillment from my touch. The fierce fire of your release, the power of it smashing over your body, white-hot and scorching, causes you to scream my name…


I peak your passion till you are spent and then carry you in my arms to the bathroom. We share a playful shower together, yet after you’re finished in the water and putting on your makeup, you find me gone…


Surprise grips you when after failing to find me, you find a box and card. The card flows with my poetic words and firm instruction. You’re to wear only what is in the large gift box and meet on the resort’s beach café for brunch.


First you find stylish leather sandals and flowing skirt, perfect for a in the tropics. You discover a lace thong and elegant silk European bustier, the one you loved in the store window on 5th Avenue. Excited you put on everything in an excited rush, you become alarmed as you find no blouse and the only other thing in the box is a small shoulder wrap…


I see you walking to our table and a vision of vogue, blushing and beautiful. I enjoy the men transfixed by your figure in your new outfit and smile knowing you followed my instructions. I create the perfect dynamic of pleasure, pain and humiliation to harnesses the intimacy of your body as my sub. I want to awaken your submissive tendencies and create a lifestyle you dreamed through your relationship with me. I will perfect you into a beautiful submissive, who will blossom through expectations I place on you and rewards bestow on you. Through this you will grow with me and share something truly special through a lasting D’s relationship


I have discriminating taste and hope to find a special lady to empower into a captivating world of my making for her, so that she may better enjoy life. I am a mix of sensual and savage. I want my lady to wear only the stylish and intriguing lingerie I buy for her as a special bond that only we share. This lingerie is my secret armor for my lady and promise of my affection for her. So that if my sweet sub is having a rough day, all she need do is finger the line of her thong  to know that she is a cherished part of my life and that when she gets home I will make her world right.


I want the jewelry I give my lady to give her strength from how it shows how I value her and how it caps the glow of her beauty with a radiant shine. I want to see her on the street shopping, having fun with friends or tanning naked on a tropical beach with my jewelry bringing out her sparkle. I want to give her jewelry that brings out the glow in her beauty, enhancing the sensual softness of her skin and to truly bring out a soulful fire from within her, so that she is authentically happy and free to enjoy what I give her life.


I like to work in my yard and after my last trip; I think it would be great to create a tile table with my collared lover. We would collect different tiles from our global travels and then cover a patio table to realize our tile mosaic. Years after our trips we can reflect and relax outside for a sunset dinner to saver all the special things we share. I want a relationship that goes far beyond what most imagine, for I will create something exceptional and meaningful. The tile table is just one creative way I will bond with my lover. I enjoy sophistication, but love the simple pleasure too...


If you desire a successful creative leader, who is well-educated and well hung man massage me as we are both here to meet someone


1/12/2010 3:38:28 PM

BDSM can be fantastic, yet there are so many people that only seem desire hurting a woman rather than celebrate all a lady can embody… 

Why hurt or harm a lady, when you can challenge your submissive to better enjoy life through celebrating what you both share in a D/s relationship. 

My first submissive was an 18 freshman who lost her mom in a tragedy and had a challenge life. When I collared her in my dorm room a month into dating her, I did not break her, but took all she embodied and framed this through the structure of a D/s relationship. Through the ways I challenged her and brought out her passion, I was able to transform her into a more positive and successful woman. She went from being shy about her beautiful body at a community college to becoming a part time pin-up model with a full scholarship to USC. A D/s relationship works because of the trust a submissive gives her Master and how he gives her the freedom to enjoy life through what they share. 

A D/s relationship is not easy and takes work. My freshman submissive cried for her first pin-up photo shoot when I straight-laced her into red silk bustier with matching thong and stockings as she was scared of a stranger taking photos of her in lingerie. Later I showed her how beautiful she was in the photos and my little submissive viewed the real her for the first time. That night I took her through a two hour seduction with her wearing just that red outfit with matching collar in a hotel room for a night of vivid bound orgasms that opened her to how powerful and freeing a D/s relationship can be to life. Later that month I had her wear the same bustier under a flowing dress I purchased for her to an interview with the head of admissions at my university, which gave her the information on how to transfer from a community college to a university and what scholarship committees look for in a student. A true Master must be a strategist who understands his collared lover at a soulful level, so he can make her present and future life meaningful. A real Master unlocks the potential of his submissive, so a D/s relationship becomes fun outlet for her to better express herself through a shared bond that enables her to truly enjoy life 

Being a leader and Alpha in life have brought me great success and now I want to share this with a submissive who appreciates how rich kink can make life. Read on if this sound like you. Being an executive I have to host a great many events, but really want to start hosting them at my home. I want to host a casino night and rent out all the equipment so my guests relax through an experience that takes them away from the stress of everyday life and rejuvenates them from a unique shared experience of my party. Such themed parties would also give you a great way to dress in latex or other fetish outfits, so you are a star and yet balances perfectly with the party. Then after our guests have left, I forcibly seduce you through being passionate and primal to unlock your body in only way I can that causes molten waves of ecstasy to shoot through your body as you find fulfillment from my touch. I will delight in how I bring out the best parts of you and free you to live life you always dreamed as an erotic vision of vogue in a passionate relationship. 

Events like this will help us network and have fun in the social elite, plus live the lifestyle we both enjoy though a synergistic mix of vanilla and kink. This could be as simple as a hug and kiss after I come home or shopping together as I use my remote to trigger your hidden vibe under your stylish outfit and then lock eyes for a shared moment only we know. BDSM is not about owning a woman and making her your mindless minion, it is about taking the raw fiber of her soul and giving her the framework to flourish and be happy through what a Dom gives her life, which is the standard I hold myself to in a D’s relationship. I want to help a woman see how wonderful life can be and helping her understand BDSM as a wicked, yet wonderful art to help her embrace her submissive side through mentoring her, as a great outlet to express herself and better enjoy life. 

I have put all my focus on school and then my career, which why I want to find woman and give her life all it has been missing. I am building several businesses, have a great future and want to share this with a woman who has passion. However, one of the most enjoyable things for me is not winning a deal, which was great, but the simple joy of running along a sunny coast in just shorts as the sun crests the horizon or having a woman who gives you a smile. On the day of a big negotiation some might think it is crazy to run, but I love to be spontaneous. That morning run helped me ditch the funk of jetlag from a different time zone and gave me an unshakable confidence for my day, which helped me clearly communicate my ideas for a successful business meeting. 

If you want a man who crowns your day with happiness, yet challenges you through a passionate relationship that gives your life new meaning I am your man. I have a great paying job as a Managing Director of an International Firm who wants a lady that is open to exploring an erotic and explosive relationship in the high class world I live. I need someone who can keep up with me and has been searching (as I have) for a relationship that is intense, passionate and rewarding through what we share that balances the vanilla/BDSM sides of the relationship we enjoy together

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